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Meaghan Good (25 years old) is the sole administrator of The Charley Project, a missing person’s site. The problem is that Meaghan is mentally ill and has been in and out of mental institutions in the last few years. She has accused her doctors of kidnapping her and committing her without due process, even though she was threatening to kill herself as well as expressing homicidal thoughts.

Part of her mental illness is her obsession with gore, horror and abuse. She admits that she is addicted to the tragedies of others. Meaghan taunts the families and loved ones of missing persons who do not want the postings on her disreputable site. Another poor family is the recent victim of The Charley Project as Meaghan herself describes in her latest blog:

The Charley Project
Groan. Another lawsuit threat.
April 12, 2011 by Meaghan

I get really tired of people threatening to sue me who apparently either don’t have the slightest comprehension of the relevant laws, or assume that I don’t.

The more so because all this person had to do was make a polite request, and I would have accommodated her. There was no need for threats.

I’ve actually stopped counting the number of lawsuit threats I’ve gotten. Ten or twelve by now, I think, but I’m not sure.

Meaghan Good, The Charley Project

The Charley Project
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Server IP Decimal: 1078274521
The Charley Project 15276 Main Street (PO Box 647)
Venedocia Ohio US 45894
Phone: 1-419-667-3131

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