Glenn Sacks, Fathers & Families.Org Conspire to Conceal Child Abuse

Holly Collins is a heroic battered woman and protective mother who went through extreme lengths to protect her children. She left her home, family, friends, job, pets and even her country to shield her children from horrendous physical and emotional abuse. The abuse was so severe that another country had to intervene to protect the Collins children. After spending 3 years in various refugee centers in Europe and an intensive investigation from the Dutch Ministries Holly Collins and her children were granted amnesty. They are the first known American citizens to be granted official asylum in another country.

For 14 years Holly Collins and her children lived anonymously in The Netherlands. The children learned Dutch while attending a local Catholic school. They received academic scholarships to an International Academy and graduated with bilingual diplomas. They continued on to the University of Leiden and have excelled.

Jennifer has started her own organization to help children failed by the American family court system and she has been asked to take the lead of the Courageous Kids Network. So in all actuality Holly Collins accomplished her goal to keep her children safe and exceeded her own expectations to transform them into happy, healthy self confident young adults.

In 2007 the FBI located the Collins Family hiding in the Netherlands. Despite the American authorities’ attempts to have Holly Deported, The Kingdom of the Netherlands stood by its decision to protect these children and their mother. After a thorough investigation from the FBI all domestic and international kidnapping charges against Holly were dismissed.

Now that her youngest American born child has turned 18 years old and aged out of the family court system, Holly and her children are coming home!

Of course there is an angry ex-husband who was found by several different judges to be an abuser. Mark Collins has found allies in Father’s rights organization that supports Fathers regardless of their criminal records and abusive history! Glenn Sacks the executive director of Fathers & Families.Org is self appointed as the personal spokesman for Mark Collins and his wife Rena Peters Collins. The new Mrs. Mark J. Collins supplied Fathers & Families with sealed court documents which (despite a gag order) Glenn Sacks has made public. He picks and chooses to release only partial information to try to discredit Holly Collins and her grown children. Mr. Sacks has deliberately misrepresented facts and circumstances in the Collins case and has fabricated excuses for Mr. Collins’ abuse. Glenn Sacks blatantly lied and knowingly made false statements concealing Mr. Collins abuse and fractured skull to the young Collins boy. Glenn Sacks and Fathers & Families.Org actively and knowingly conspire to conceal child abuse.

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