What is The Charley Project? Fraudulent Missing Children's Web Bog

At first glance The Charley Project appears to be a reputable site dedicated to locating missing and exploited children, but in all actuality it is disaster tourism gone viral. On the home page it clearly states that The Charley Project “does not actively investigate cases; it is merely a publicity vehicle for missing people.”
An in-depth investigation reveals that it is nothing more than a perverse obsession of a mentally ill woman who admits to being addicted to horrendous stories of rape, sexual abuse, missing children and the torture of holocaust victims. The Charley Project does not deserve notoriety for exploiting the suffering of these victims. However it should be exposed for inflicting addition pain to abused, murdered and missing children and their family members.

The Victims
I have been contacted by several abuse victims (both children and adults) who have reported their further victimization by The Charley Project. Several of the cases listed on the Charley Project are from victims who do not want the added publicity. Many abused children have requested that The Charley Project remove their stories from the site. In fact these cases have already been removed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. However The Charley Project founded and administrated solely by the 25 year old Meaghan Good continues to publicize the tragedies of these victims against their will.

Parents of raped, abused and murdered children have also begged the administrator to delete their children’s names, yet again The Charley Project refuses to comply. It is scandalous that a site with its self proclaiming dedication to victims refuses to respect these victims right to privacy. And the heartlessness is astounding. A mother of a missing child recently died of cancer and the Charley project captioned her death as “Another one bites the dust.” I find it absolutely disgusting!

Slander / Libel
The Charlie Project contains voluminous false and libelous content. In December 2010 a blog posting on The Charley Project reveals: “Another lawsuit threat – *yawn* ” The administrator recalls “I stopped counting some time ago, but I must have received over a dozen lawsuit threats by now.”

Victims families write that The Charley Project’s entries of their family members are “cruel and in poor taste.” The Charley Project response was “This was a lie — I didn’t say ANYTHING” And yet case after case when victims prove the false reports on The Charley Project the administrator makes one excuse after another. “Some people might have reason to dispute me, but it seems to me that they are really overreacting.”

In another case The Charley Project states: “One mother of a missing child was extremely angry because I said some things about her in the case file, not good things that were untrue. This wasn’t my fault — it was my source, a newspaper article that was incorrect.” I can’t believe that The Charley Project claims that they were not at fault for publishing false information because they merely reprinted another article without researching the validity of the content. This is exactly what they have done with our case. Meaghan Good admits that she merely read the article from Glenn Sacks and re-wrote it in her own words. She said that she is not responsible for her false statements. She said it is up to me to send her my private documentation to prove that her information is wrong.

In a blog post the administrator of The Charley Project(Meaghan Good) writes “One young woman was practically frothing at the mouth, all capital letters and lawsuit threats etc., She said she felt like her privacy had been violated.” Meaghan Good then states that “I was not trying to ruin her life, and all she would have had to do was ask me politely to take it off.” However The Charley Project keeps ignoring my and my brother’s polite requests to remove our story from their site even though our case was removed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children almost 4 years ago back in 2007.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has been intervening now. “Another parent of a missing child was upset by what I’d written and actually contacted the NCMEC to ask me to remove a few sentences from the case file.” Perhaps I should also contact them to see if they will intervene. They should know the added turmoil The Charley Project is causing Missing and Exploited Children. In sheer desperation many victims have threatened The Charley Project with legal rectification but simply do not have the emotional strength and financial resources to pursue a retraction. In December 2010 The Charley Projects finds this amusing and boasts “No, I haven’t gotten any since last week’s lawsuit threat.” Connection to the Collins Case:
Last year The Charley Project published a false article about me and my brother. The administrator, the author of the article Meaghan Good admitted that she read another article about our case and then rewrote her own article based on this 3rd person information, which my brother and I have publically disputed. The Charley Project publicized “The evidence clearly shows that Holly Collins is a whack-job who emotionally abused her children and turned them against their father, who was a decent man and a good parent.” And further embellishes that “almost every single doctor, therapist, and judge involved in the custody dispute concluded this.”

This short summation contains several bold face lies:
- My mother is definitely not a ‘whack job’.
- My mother certainly never abused any of her children in any way.
- My father Mark Collins is certainly not a “decent man and a good father.”
The judge found that my father was an abuser! My father admitted that he hit my mother and broke her nose on several occasions. He even testified under oath that he dislocated her shoulder in front of me and my brother. That is enough to demonstrate that he was not a good father. A good father would not abuse his children’s mother in front of them!

Since The Charley Project refuses to respond to my brother’s and my request we have also put in a complaint with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. If you conduct your own search on the NCMEC and type in my or my brother’s name you will get a notification of “0 Results” We are not missing!

The Charley Project offers a flimsy disclaimer: “The Charley Project can only be as accurate as its sources, most of which are online ones.” The administrator continues “Although I try my very best to be as accurate as possible, I usually have no way of fact-checking and have to depend on others to tell the truth to me.” This girl is my age and I don’t know if she is na├»ve or manipulative. She admits that “the website is a strictly amateur effort and I am not a journalist or private detective or professional of any kind.” She admits herself that she is obsessed with this site and retelling the gory details of unspeakable crimes.

This makeshift disclaimer ends by stating that “If you find an incorrect statement, contact me, and I will promptly make amends.” However the administrator plays God and places the burden on the victims to prove the inaccuracies and further demands that the victims that have been wronged send private documents to prove the falsities.

The administrator of The Charley Project taunts abuse victims with a despicable representation of anticipated defense. “Well, to begin with, Your Honor, I put the information up in good faith. I received it from a credible source, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It was also reported in several news agencies. I had every reason to believe this information was true, and, Your Honor, the plaintiff has yet to produce any evidence that it was not.” History:
The Charley Project began as the Missing Persons Cold Case Network founded in 2001 by Jennifer Marra. In 2003 it was taken over by an 18 year old girl Meaghan Good from the Venedocia Ohio. I admire anyone who is genuinely interested in helping abused, exploited and missing children. However the founder/administrator has no desire to help these children, she admits that she is addicted to morbid stories abused, missing and murdered children. What appears to be a missing person’s resource site is a compilation of sloppy regurgitations of various articles which begin with “I found this article…” The Administrator:
Meaghan Good is the founder and sole administrator of The Charley Project. This mentally unstable 25 year old self professed “story teller” and “professional insomniac” describes her infatuation with morbid stories of missing, raped, sexually exploited and murdered children as well as the inhumane horrors of the holocaust.


Who is Meaghan Good?
Meaghan Elizabeth Good was born on October 5, 1985 and raised in a hic Midwestern town she recalls lacking any traffic lights. She boasts that she never attended high school but managed to attain a GED and is trying to take college courses in between institutionalizations. She currently resides with her boyfriend Michael Lianez when she is not institutionalized. Meaghan Good admits that she has no personal experience with having a missing loved one, but became interested in missing people in 1998 when she was 13 years old which over the years developed into an obsession. Meaghan Good is very troubled young lady but this is no excuse for her to exploit the misfortunes of abuse victims.

On The Charlie Project blog Meaghan credits her brother Ian Good for being her brilliant web master and then in December she states that “My abusive brother didn’t show up, and I was very glad.” Unlike Meaghan I do not challenge victims. If she says her brother is abusive who am I to question her? I just do not understand why she doesn’t offer others the same courtesy.

Addicted to Disaster:
Meaghan Good admits that she is overly interested in missing people and addicted to the gory details of rape, sexual abuse and kidnappings. On February 9, 2011 she blogs that: “Holocaust and Missing People stuff actually does not depress me. In fact I find those subjects intensely interesting.” When challenged by a follower Meaghan replies “I’m very sure my Holocaust reading does not cause depression in me, because about two years ago, for two weeks I conducted a scientific experiment.” In which she read stories of the “Holocaust, the rape of child, the mutilation of several other children, and graphic descriptions of: several shootings, a double hanging, and an old woman being gassed at Auschwitz and the cremation of her body…and the day that I read that book I was remarkably cheerful” This is so disturbing. No wonder why she was institutionalized for being a threat to society.

Hypochondriac/ Munchausen’s?
The Charley Project has become a platform for this Munchausen’s like Hypochondriac to rant and rave to a semi-sympathetic audience. On February 4, 2011 Meaghan made an entry that when she didn’t get an appointment she desired she writes “I became hysterical and started cussing and sobbing and weeping etc.,” She complains of headaches which everyone knows is an expected side effect of lack of sleep, yet this Munchausen’s candidate demands test after test and when the results are negative rather than finding comfort on February 8 2011 she complained “the MRA came back absolutely normal, to my extreme distress. I was really hoping they would show some big dramatic thing the neurologist could work off of, but no.” Time after time various neurologists have told her that there is nothing wrong with her but she just made a new entry that “I will have to add the neurologist to the growing list of doctors who have no idea what’s wrong with me.” It’s not just headaches either. She constantly complains “I’m sick again” from “I’ve got a wretched head cold and none of the usual over-the-counter things have helped” to "uncontrollable headaches." She claims that she is a “professional insomniac” who “sleeps 20 hours a day.” Now she has another aliment “I’m worried about tearing up my liver from all the Tylenol in it, and so on and so forth.” Bulimic?
It’s difficult to try to decipher what is real but Meaghan Good also suffers from Bulimia. Again in a very unprofessional posting on The Charley Project: “December 14 2010 My mother heard me vomiting in the bathroom just now and came in to ask what the matter was. I told her I had eaten an entire family-size box of macaroni and cheese in one sitting and believed it was a mistake.” Drug Addict / Substance Abuse?
It’s difficult to tell if the somatic complaints are a result of substance abuse. I do not understand the unprofessionalism that blog postings on a missing persons website include “Last night I partied with my boyfriend and two of his roommates and the guy from the apartment downstairs, who came up for awhile. I had five shots of vodka and became quite drunk but woke up with NO hangover.” And other confessions from December 17 2010 that she broke into her parent’s house at 2:30 in the morning when her parents were sleeping: “I slipped out of my boyfriend’s house and drove for an hour to my parents’. They were asleep and I hoped very much that I would not wake them. I didn’t. I sneaked inside, went to the place where Mom stored all of my dead grandmother’s numerous very powerful prescription painkillers. I took some and then went back to Michael’s apartment.” Then she has the nerve to complain in a bold headline on The Charley Project site that the Doctors “tried to make me go to rehab.” Maybe this woman should be locked up!

Mental Illness?
In a recent blog entry on the Charley Project site the administrator Meaghan Good describes her struggle with depression and proclaims to sleep “20 hours a day.” She recently wrote that “My anxiety and melancholy over the last several weeks has become obvious to everyone by now.” Meaghan Good writes disturbing entries “The insane ramblings of a lunatic mind.” She explains “I felt like shooting myself just to get it over with, and “I saw no future for myself or for anyone else.” Days later tries to gain sympathy though the Charley project site for her recent institutionalization and claims that her doctor had her “kidnapped and thrown in the loony bin without due process." Even though The Charley Project is supposed to be a professional site dedicated to Missing Children the administrator uses this public forum for her own narcissistic rants. She admits her manipulation to prevent medical professions from “interrogating my friends about my supposedly abnormal behavior.” Regarding a blind date she writes “After a disastrous face-to-face visit with an online friend who was freaked out by my behaviors.” She writes that at the hospital “I was in screaming” and “the physician’s assistant was deeply concerned by behavior. The P.A. questioned me about my antidepressants and said, 'Quite frankly, you’re acting very oddly.' I tried to explain that what he was seeing — which was me trembling and rocking back and forth — was quite normal for me and something I pretty much always do when I’m under stress."

As if this isn't disturbing enough the sole administrator of the Charley project writes “I had a complete emotional collapse and became a danger to myself and others and had to be briefly institutionalized.” Unfortunately she excuses these drastic measures by claiming that she was “thrown in the loony bin without due process.” In December 2010 she wrote about her “‘annual review’ with the psych clinic where they basically measure how crazy I am this year as opposed to last year.” This is obviously a mentally ill young woman who is desperately crying for help. I feel sorry for her and I have questioned whether or not I should publish this article. I don’t want to hurt anyone. However this administrator on behalf of a public missing person’s organization is misusing the intention of the site for her own personal profit at the expense of abused children.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Meaghan Good has been with her boyfriend Michael D. Lianez since she was 17 years old and he doesn’t even support her delusions. On The Charley Project Meaghan Good writes “Identity theft strikes again — someone has been using my credit card in Oklahoma and California. (Michael told me it was probably me and I just forgot about it.) So the card company of course blocked my card and I didn’t find this out until I was in the grocery store attempting to purchase more orange pop. I left empty-handed, puzzled and embarrassed.” Then she writes that someone sent her contacts a letter trying to scam money from them. “Am sorry i didn’t inform you about my urgent trip to London, i don’t have much time on the PC here, so i have to brief you my present situation which requires your urgent response actually, I had a trip to London but unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel where i lodged due to a robbery incident that happened in the hotel… so please can you send me 850 Pounds or any amount you can afford so when i return back i would refund it back to you as soon as i get home, Am so confused right now and don’t know what to do.”

Rather than sympathize with the victims Meaghan Good writes “Nobody who knows me would believe that email. Anyone who does deserves to pay a 850 pound “stupidity tax.” Net Worth

The charley project is valued at $10,733 and receives over 1000 views per day. It is about time that it is exposed for what it really is. Ever since The Charley Project posted this (false)article about MY family it's traffice has increased significantly. Now we all know what her motives are.

The Charley Project http://www.charleyproject.org/
Server IP Address:
Server IP Decimal: 1078274521
The Charley Project 15276 Main Street (PO Box 647)
Venedocia Ohio US 45894
Phone: 1-419-667-3131
Email: Good_128@hotmail.com


  1. You know Meaghan doesn't take position or make theories, she copies stuff. When I read about your kids' kidnapping on Charley Project I thought you looked nice and thought that probably the fact that you might have mental issues was a lie your ex husband made to get custody but now that I have seen this page I no longer think so anymore. This is really not normal to insult someone like you do, you have to realize that no one is gonna think Meaghan is nasty or crazy but they will think so of you.

  2. How can you allow yourself to slander like that a young woman who is a hero? You're really a disgusting person. You're a loser, someone who has achieved nothing in her little life except doing wrong to others starting with your very own father. I'm glad for him that you were out of his life early you seem so insane and nasty that he is better off without you around. God blessed him in his way. Get yourself mental help you are as insane as your mother. Your poor father probably never did a thing to you unlike your mother. People like Meaghan Good try to help you get back to reality she's being nice actually but as long as you don't get mental help you will never understand that. Stop doing wrong all around you for Lord's sake. People as miserable as you should just hide in shame.

  3. You are using words such as "unprofessional" and trying to diagnose a person's "mental illness" based on what a stranger writes online. What does your obsession with Megan say about you? I think You have a problem that should be evaluated.Get over yourself.

    1. Really? Have you read the site where she is using the blog as her personal diary? (http://charleyross.wordpress.com) All I have done is quote her own words! “Today my therapist and I did my annual assessment, where they ask me a bunch of questions and write down a lot of things in order to: 1. Determine what, if any, progress I’ve made in the past year 2. Prove that I’m still bonkers and justify my continual psychiatric care to the evil insurance people and/or the state” Her own words – not mine! There are many more rantings from this mentally ill woman. I wouldn’t waste my time except that she is hurting victims of abuse and families of missing children

  4. Why post this person's personal information online? you claim to believe she is mentally ill, do you believe that you can rationalize with a person like this? you are trying to encourage people to contact her to what end? I suggest you stop your cyber harassment.

  5. She invaded my life uninvited and wouldn’t let my family rest. She aligned with my very dangerous father and refused to respect the court findings that he was abusive. Meghan Good printed outright lies about my family as well as other victims of domestic violence. We had enough and did our own research to find that she was a fraud and very ill. Now when I prove her lies and she is exposed she is suddenly in an uproar because now everyone is questioning her credibility. She brought this on herself! She can fix it easily by being honest and forth coming.

    1. I know and you know that megan is a mean bitch who uses her mental illness to get sympathy.These people are either her fans or they do not have a clue about her and her actions and just assume that she is some pitiful little mentally ill girl who is misunderstood.They better just hope that nothing bad happens to them and she puts them in her sites.

  6. You know I found this site because i was looking for complaints about Megan and her site because beforeI knew hardly anything about her site and after reading it for a year or so I started seeing that Megan is just mean and very insensitive to families and even adds nasty things to a person's missing page about them being prostitute AFTER the killer has been caught,Technically she is still missing because the woman's body was not found because he dumped it in the water or ocean.She added that about the woman being a prostitute as an after thought.Why did she do that? she wrote it in the last or near last sentence of her missing page. This case was solved so adding she was a prostitute had no value in solving her crime because it is solved.I have caught her doing many nasty things like that and more. Another thing I noticed her doing was when a family that is obviously hurting will gripe at her rightly or wrongly about a page of their missing loved one she makes sure she tells everyone all about it.Why???She will name them too.Why hurt them more??They are probably truly mentally ill at the time and it may be temporary.but I have lost a child and I will say that it does make you mentally ill for a while but they call it grief,some grief turns into a full blown mental illness and no one on here taking up for megan is worried about the family members that she is nasty to,even if they are wrong you have to show compassion not contempt as she does,if u do not believe me look at her old blogs and listen how matter of fact-ly she holds them in contempt for daring to ask her to remove something or change wording.A 5th grader would pick up on the disdain in her writing so i know any adult can.

    I have to say I totally disagree with you on her mental illness.She may be mentally ill a bit but being a hateful bitch is not a mental illness.It is not even the symptom of being mentally ill unless you are so ill you cannot function and she obviously functions and she uses her mental illness as a sympathy grabber.So,all you people commenting you must obviously be her fans or you have not read her site long enough to make an informed opinion about Megan.If you are not a fan and are just taking up for a poor mentally ill little girl who is just trying to do something good you better think again she is mean and nasty.But,to b honest your page does come off a little mean if you have no clue about this woman Megan and I fully understand why you have posted this but it does not get you sympathy from people who cannot empathize or understand the depths that megan will go.She even enjoys her stalkers and instigates them on by posting about them when they are stalking.She is smarter than that she just enjoys looking like a victim and that makes her a predator if she enjoys the victim role when she is not one.These are things I have learned about megan just from half-ass reading her shit and i would probably have a lot more to say about her and her BS if I went back and read all of her writing.This is stuff I accidently learned.It was not that I was looking for these bad things,she is just mean and it shows.One more thing you guys that think she is poor and pitiful you have been conned or you know nothing about what she writes and posts on her site.She thinks she is the writing DIVA of the missing and unidentified.That is the best analogy I can make about her.

    I wish people in this world would quit thinking that just because someone has a mental illness that gives them a free pass.You guys sure do not give truly mentally ill people a pass when they commit a crime so why is her case any different?Mentally ill people are responsible for their actions unless they are found insane and that is two different things.Usually the mentally ill who do crimes are people who was never made to take responsibility for their treatment and the way they behave socially. I am not saying that she is a criminal I am saying it is the same general thing.to sum it up you cannot use mental illness as an excuse for downright belligerence.

    1. I keep receiving messages from family of missing persons who have requested to be taken off The Charley Project site but Meaghan Good refused. Haven't these families been through enough? I received messages from teenagers who ran away from horrific home situations. They are not listed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children because they are NOT missing, yet Meaghan Good keeps their names active on The Charley Project site despite their requests to be taken off her site. The Charley Project is interfering with these young adults picking up the pieces of their broken lives. Their job search is inhibited due to their name appearing on a missing person’s site. The Charley Projects response was that they were ‘probably’ brats and shouldn’t have run away in the first place. Meaghan Good admitted that she is bi-polar but this diagnosis does not excuse her from being held responsible for her destructive actions.

  7. You are bat-shit cray-cray, aren't you?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ingrid, you are a felon who fled to south america and a villan in this scenario. I discourage you from getting too excited about this slanderous page as you may encourage the unwell person who wrote it.