What do I do if The Charlie Project's Administrator is Mentally Ill?

What do I do now?

When abuse victims came forward that a missing persons’ site The Charley Project was abusing its position and causing further trauma to abuse victims I remember knowing what it felt like when they published lies about me and my family. I decided to thoroughly research the Charlie Project and I found many problems with the site especially the behavior of Meagan Good, the sole administrator.

I found out that she is mentally unstable and has been institutionalized. Meaghan gives different accounts of whether she was voluntarily admitted or forced against her will.

The sad part is that she has recently told me that she is a victim of abduction and rape. She believes that I can not hold her responsible for her actions because she is also an abuse victim.

I genuinely feel bad for her but this really isn’t a valid excuse - Is it?

My father abused me, my brother and my mother yet Meaghan Good has no problem invading our privacy, saying that we are lying and printing false statements about us.

I have no intention to question the validity of Meaghan’s Kidnapping claims, although she does accuse her doctors of kidnapping her and locking her in an institution without just cause.

So what do I do?

All I want is for The Charley Project to retract it's false article about us. I am no longer missing and wish to be removed from this missing persons website. I want Meaghan Good and her friend Annie Keller (For the Lost) to leave me, my brother, my mother and other abuse victims and their families alone.

Is that too much to ask, even of a mentally ill person?


  1. Sad attempt to slander the reputation of Meaghan Good. My guess is that you are with a non-custodial parent? Have you reached adult age? The fact that you made a statement that " she is mentally unstable and has been institutionalized" and then provide no information to back it up. Journalism 101.

  2. I take tremendous issue with what you have written. Just because someone is mentally ill doesn't mean that they do not posses the skills to run a website on missing persons.
    If you would take the time to read about Charley Project you would know that information is published based on information that is found through law enforcement agencies. She cannot "do" anything about how you are classified. I would suggest you just get a life and get over the fact that someone has a website that you don't like.