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The Charley Project

"I am the sole webmaster/owner/creator/administrator/whatever of The Charley Project, one of the largest missing persons databases on the internet. I live and breathe missing people. On my website I only write the facts of a person’s disappearance, not what I think about it. But I can’t help forming opinions, about specific cases and about missing people in general, and that’s what this blog is for."But see that is not true! Meaghan has written seveal lies about our case! Even though I have confronted her about her inaccuracies in MY case she refuses to retract them from The Charley Project website.

I know that many of you said that I should ignore her. However I can not let her lies remain unchallenged, especially since some people may misinterpret this site as a legitament Missing Persons Site.

Meaghan Good, The Charley Project
Meaghan Good
The Charley Project
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