More American Children Finding Refuge in Foreign Countries

FINALLY! Other Countries are starting to protect American Children who are failed by the American Justice System!

Holly Collins and her young children fled the United States in 1994 to escape domestic violence. Holly Collins and her children were apprehended in the Netherlands and held in refugee camps for 3 years. They were the first Americans to be given asylum in Holland in 1997.

Elizabeth Morgan spent 25 months in jail for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of her young daughter. Hillary escaped the US Injustice system with her grandparents in 1987. Elizabeth and Hillary were granted sanctuary in New Zealand when the United States failed to protect the young girl from abuse.

Chere Tomayko and her two daughters were granted asylum in June 2008 in Costa Rica. They escaped the Texas injustice system in 1997. When they were located in Costa Rica, Chere was arrested and spent 7 months in jail for refusing to return Alexandria to her abusive father in the United States. Chere Tomayko and her daughters were eventually granted asylum in 2008.

It is scandalous that American Mothers have to flee the United States of America to be protect their children from abuse. Holly Collins, Elizabeth Morgan, Chere Tomayko are heros!

American courts have a lot to learn!

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