International Parental Abduction to Protect Children From Abuse

Despite the twist and turns in Glenn Sacks latest article “Numerous Parallels Between McCarty, Collins International Abduction Cases” the only true and important similarity is that two foreign courts refused to endanger vulnerable children who sought refuge in their country after reviewing all of the evidence.

I do not know if Liam is grateful to be out of the care of his mother, but I would guess that he is very relieved that the Italian courts are protecting him from his father's abuse.

My brother and I will always be grateful for the compassion and wisdom of the Dutch court which extensively reviewed the evidence in our case and determined we would be in danger if we were forced to return to the United States.

It is most remarkable that despite being American we each received our own asylum status based on the merits of our case; the violence we individually endured at our fathers hands and the failure of our government to protect us.

The American justice system has a lot to learn!

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