Glenn Sacks & Friends Trying to Capitalize off of Abuse Victims

Ever since our story made the headlines there have been a few individuals who have tried to exploit and capitalize off of my family's pain and media exposure: Glenn Sacks, The Children Underground Watch, Children Need Both Parents, "Sister" Julia Moreno & "Sister" Charity Kreasko.

I simply cannot understand all the hostility and ugliness that's been thrown at us. I don't know any of these people none of them have even met me or my family before! What my family and I experienced was horrific and the whole point in going public was to show "This is what happened to us, please don't let this happen to you or allow it to go on anymore". I don't want to see children abused by their parents or a court system - I believe that children deserve better then that!

For this, I'm faced with Glenn Sacks, who publishes false and erroneous information about me, my family and events in our past which appears to incite radicals like Sister Julia Moreno & Sister Charity Kreasko, who wrote a completely bogus article about my family based upon Mr. Sacks' false and erroneous information, which only incites more anger from sources like The Children’s Underground Watch, which is nothing but a bitter and hate-filled blog site of a man who lost custody because he was caught abusing his daughter..

Children and families who've survived any form of abuse have seen enough ugliness in their lives; why would ANYONE want to make that experience any uglier? Ours is a cautionary tale - it was never meant to make matters worse - and while I know that everyone's entitled to an opinion, doesn't ANYONE believe in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it" anymore? I don't know if any of these individuals decided to take up a campaign of hatred against me and my family for "fortune or fame", but it's just not cool to capitalize off of abuse victims.

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  1. Sacks is at it again. I wish for you, your mother and your brother there was something that could be done to make him stop!!!!