Jennifer Collins Answers Glenn Sacks Supporter

These father's rights guys keep on hounding me. I have decided to answer one of the milder criticisms from a man who was abused by his mother.

From Scott:

"ok im going to see if you will post this one , again ill say this ... with the plethora of info , of data out there that has been made avalible via courts and the public medium ( you yourself put a lot out there ) do you understand why your errors make an already shaky story seem even more doubtfull ( you still have 97 down there ) as a former victim myself of my mothers abuse I know everyone is capable but i will say this , your wording as opposed to say the 10000 words sacks did where he looked at the case as dispassionetly as possible are full of anger and accusations ( I have a 6 inch scar on my face where my mother beat me with a belt because my grandmother didnt make her a sunday meal ) if you want to be taken seriously answer the questions openly and honestly chellenge those who dont belive you instead of putting the label that they are abusers themselves... 20 years on i still have nightmares about what happened to me but am not so clouded by anger that I dont base every case on merit ... being a man doesnt defacto make you an abuser ( which you imply ) nor beinga woman make you a victim."

My Answer:

Dear Scott,

Apparently you felt the need to contact me and comment on my life story numerous times. Because of your hostile intent I have decided to ignore you in the past. This is my site and I am not going to let any one succeed at dominating me here. Since you are also a victim of abuse who is calling out for help, I shall answer you this one time. (See Scott, I believe you!) It doesn’t matter who abused you; your mother or your father. It is unacceptable! Child abuse in all forms is wrong!

First of all I think you are getting me confused with my mother. I understand the controversy over what my mother did. Should she have ran with her children and hid them for 11 years to keep them safe from abuse? I believe my mother has an extremely solid case for why she chose that action.

My story is that my dad beat me and my brother when we were kids! Just like you say that you mother beat you. Should I ask you what proof you have as you have asked me? Is the scar on your face comparable to the broken bone in my brother’s head? Did you receive medical treatment? Do you have the medical records? Does it say that your mother beat you with a belt? Are there police reports? Was she arrested? Has anyone contacted her to ask her what happened? Etc….. I am not going to ask you for those things because it doesn’t matter. You know better than anyone what happened to you. No one has the right to come in and say that it didn’t happen. That is what Sacks and his followers are doing to me and my brother.

You say that Glenn Sacks looked at our case dispassionately. I disagree. He was driven by his own motives to discredit another mother and conceal abuse from another father claiming PAS. Glenn Sacks twisted and misrepresented the whole case. In fact, Glenn Sacks blatantly lied on several occasions in his articles. He also admitted that he asked 50,000 people to investigate my mother, yet her accounts of what happened still hold up under all that scrutiny.

Okay so there are some things I would have done differently than my mother. For goodness sakes, she was only 22 years old and trying to protect her children from a monster. She didn’t know the ins and outs of police protocol and family court. All she knew is that her abuser was becoming angrier and angrier because she left him. He was threatening to kill her and her children and she believed that he would carry through on his threats.

This is my site and this is my story! My father beat us! Shoot, he and his wife kicked me in the head, stomach, buttocks when I was a little girl for bringing my security blanket into the kitchen. He broke the bone in my brother’s head when he got out of bed one night. He regularly hit us, kicked us, shook us, strangled us and suffocated us with pillows until we went unconscious. We told our mom, the doctors, the psychologists and the court evaluators. This is all in the court records. After custody was reversed to our father, I showed up at supervised visitation with welts on my butt from when he beat me. Your hero Sacks didn’t mention any of that. Did he?

The difference is that when you contacted Glenn Sacks, he automatically believed you because you were claiming abuse from a woman and that is exactly what he wanted to hear; more stories against "bad mothers." When I contacted Glenn Sacks he basically called me a liar and set out to try to disprove all the abuse that our father committed against us. I never implied that being a man makes one an abuser. You must have missed all the times I clearly mentioned my step mother for being responsible for her part in the abuse as well.

I have been told by both sides of the debate that I need to be more diplomatic. I concede. I am passionate about my case. I am angry and I have apologized over and over again for not being the poster girl of politeness. My father beat the S*** out of me and my brother and he got away with it. Just say for one minute that you believe me Scott:

IF my father did all these horrible things that my
brother and I say he did...

IF our mother was a sweet, soft, kind and loving
mommy to us...

IF we were ripped away from the only safety we knew…

IF we were left alone to be beaten repeatedly right
under the noses of the court…

IF they knew about the abuse that was happening to

IF they didn’t do anything to stop it and apparently
even tried to cover it up…

IF we had to live on the run and hide for 11 years...

IF the only one who ever tried to protect us faced
prosecution and incarceration…

IF the person who beat us and terrorized us got away
with it...

IF those same court officers are still placing little kids
with abusers…

IF children are still being abused because no one will
believe them…

IF what I am saying is true…

THEN can you understand why I am so angry?

Back to your original question: No I don’t understand how a mistake in one number discredits my whole story. I made a typo, just like you did in spelling “doubtful” and several other words.


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  1. Jennifer, I would love to respond to this not 100% willing to offer up my full reasons for caring about the children of this case ( to be honest its not your mom and dad foremost in my thoughts on it ) have sent an email which i hope to god you can read and see that some people have motivations that are pure. If you dont get it and if you have a safe spare account that isnt personal drop me a line on , many thanks.