Abusers try to discredit child abuse victims

Glenn Sacks and his followers look for any small discrepancy in children’s accounts of abuse. Once they find any little detail that does not add up they profess that the abuse couldn’t have happened and that the child must be lying. I am 24 years old and have come forward about the abuse my brother and I suffered at the hands of our father. Out of frustration from the random attacks I received yesterday from father’s rights groups I posted an explanation in haste.

Referring to the abuse from my father I inadvertently misprinted the dates of 1996 & 1997 instead of 1986 &1987. It took only a few hours before they pounced. Rather than advise me that I misprinted the dates, they said that the abuse couldn’t have happened. For Goodness Sakes people I made a typo. That is not an open door for you to claim that the abuse didn’t happen at all!

There were a few softer messages advising me of my mistake. Thank you for pointing this out to me. It is very important to me and for all children who have been abused to keep the facts straight. The one thing that helps us make it through the attacks from our abusive fathers and their supporters is knowing that we have the TRUTH on our side!

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  1. ok im going to see if you will post this one , again ill say this ... with the plethora of info , of data out there that has been made avalible via courts and the public medium ( you yourself put a lot out there ) do you understand why your errors make an already shaky story seem even more doubtfull ( you still have 97 down there ) as a former victim myself of my mothers abuse I know everyone is capable but i will say this , your wording as opposed to say the 10000 words sacks did where he looked at the case as dispassionetly as possible are full of anger and accusations ( I have a 6 inch scar on my face where my mother beat me with a belt because my grandmother didnt make her a sunday meal ) if you want to be taken seriously answer the questions openly and honestly chellenge those who dont belive you instead of putting the label that they are abusers themselves... 20 years on i still have nightmares about what happened to me but am not so clouded by anger that I dont base every case on merit ... being a man doesnt defacto make you an abuser ( which you imply ) nor beinga woman make you a victim.