Who is Sister Julia Moreno?

This is the real Sister Julia!

This is also the cartoon image that Julia (Hartman) Moreno uses to portray herself on the site “Children Need Both Parents” a site for abusive parents to come together, complain about the system and claim the debunked notion of “Parental Alienation Syndrome.” Isn't this false advertising? Julia Moreno is an accused 37 year old child abuser from Barstow California. Julia and her husband Scoot Hartman lost custody of their two children, 5 year old Joshua and 6 year old Julianna Rose in August 2003 due to abuse. Since then Julia and Scott divorced. Julia remarried Roy Moreno, left her children in Northern California and relocated to Southern California so she could be the “new Mama’ to Roy’s three girls who they took away from Roy’s ex-wife. Doesn't this sound like complete hypocrisy?

I also wondered if maybe this woman was mentally compromised but she is quite cunning and has started up her own organization “The Joshua Rose Foundation” to reach out to non custodial parents. In a way I felt bad for her because it is obvious that this woman is in a lot of pain. Upon further research I discovered that she is the member of a cult like religion and refers to herself as “Sister Julia.” She is a self proclaimed “Prayer Warrior” and excuses her abusive acts by contending that everything she does is in the name of GOD. Julia Hartman Moreno has misrepresented the facts of why she lost custody of her two children. Despite admitting to the abuse and addressing her parenting shortcomings, like a typical abuser she is claiming that she is a victim of “Parental Alienation Syndrome.”

Julia Moreno has now dragged her new 10 year old step daughter Melika Moreno into the public forum:

“Hello, I am one of the junior members of the Joshua Rose Foundation and the Guardians of the Future Ministry. I wanted to share something about my “step” mom, Julia. Our situation is very special, well, at least to us it is. I want everyone to know that not all “STEP” mom’s are evil or trying to take the place of the REAL parents. Sometimes, like in our house, the “real” mom has stuff going on with them, that they cannot be there so God sends special people like my mama, Julia to help out in families that need them. I know who my Mother is and I do love her and care for her. She has some things going on in her life to where she couldn’t be the MOM that my sisters and I needed her to be, and she couldn’t be the wife that my dad needed. So GOD brought my mama, as you all know her, Sister Julia into our lives. She is the one who is here for me every day, helps me with homework, takes me to the doctor when I need to go, etc. It is my choice and that of my other middle older sister Kilikina to call her mom. We made this choice on our own. We were not forced to call her mom or mama, but it comes from our hearts. We know where our mother is, who she is and that she needs this time with God to heal her. To those who keep their kids from either parent, that is mean and cruel, but if you have someone who needs time with GOD, don’t think your kids have forgotten you. Do your best to work with everyone, so that we can all be families that are not from the same households but can be separate and not broken, so that families can be OHANA, where nobody gets left behind.” Melika Moreno

Do you really believe those are the words of a 10 year old little girl?
Or do you believe that this is a mentally unstable woman who wants us to believe that her new step children are also indirect victims of the court?

Julia Moreno has also forced her 10 year old daughter to answer an inappropriate questionnaire and she has manipulated her new step child into being a vulnerable, child victim accomplice in her own self destruction. Little Melika Moreno doesn’t really even know Julia’s two children from a previous marriage since Julia lost custody of her children Joshua and Julianna Rose over 6 years ago. Either Julia Moreno is lying that this is actually little Melika’s words or she is subjecting her new step daughter to inappropriate content, unnecessary emotional distress and abuse.

Julia Moreno writes this about her own personal situation in the third person as a disguise and the little girl answering the questions is Julia’s own 10 year old step daughter, Melika:
Julia: “The next situation is a blended family in which the Dad in the house has custody of his girls and the mom is the NCP (Non Custodial Parent) for her two children, ages 12 and 11.”

Julia: “What has been the most difficult part of your family situation?”
Melika: “My brother and sister not being with me.”
(These are not Melika’s siblings. They are the children of her father’s new wife.)

Julia: “What do you think of most when you think of your situation with your family members?”
Melika: “I think that when my brother and sister aren't here with me, I feel lonely, even though I have friends to play with, it's not the same because I miss my brother and sister.”
(Why would this little girl feel so lonely? She has two real sisters who live with her. Perhaps she is missing her own mother who Julia and Roy are alienating this child from.)

Julia: “What would you do, if anything to change your current family situation?”
Melika: “I would say them coming home would be the best thing.”
(How would a 10 year old know what the best thing was? She doesn't even know these two other kids.)

Julia: “What would you like to say to those who are keeping you from your siblings?”
Melika: “Let us have them at home. You are mean and ugly inside.”
(Why would Julia fill her innocent step daughter with such hatred?)

Julia: “How do you think the adults in your life are handling this situation with your family members?”
Melika: “I think they are handling having to deal with the other people really well but they both are upset and angry and hurt that the courts won't do the right thing.”
(Why are these children being exposed to such adult subject matters?)

Julia: “How does the situation affect you and your family members?”
Melika: “We aren't a full family with them gone.”
(They have never lived together. The little girl doesn't know who she is supposedly missing.)

Julia: “If you could say anything to the courts about how you feel about your situation, what would you tell them?”
Melika: “I'd say I want my brother and sister back now!!!”
(Doesn't this equate to brainwashing.)

Julia: “How do you try to help your family in this situation?”
Melika: “By praying for them all and doing what I can to stay in touch with my brother and sister while we are apart.”
(Why are these adults putting such a heavy burden on a 10 year old little girl?)

Julia: “Do you ever worry about the courts or CPS coming to take you and other family members away from home?”
Melika: “Yes, because I love my family and I see that they do it to other families too.”
(It is up to the adults who are responsible for this child to reassure her that she is safe and not to implant such terror in her mind.)

Julia: “What advice would you give to other young children/teenagers who might be going thru this?”
Melika: “Keep praying, keeping hope and courage.”
(Again, why is Julia Moreno exposing a little girl to such intense emotional distress?)

OH Julia, what in the world are you doing to all these children you come in contact with. This is not normal or acceptable behavior! You have some nerve attacking my mother for protecting her children from abuse when you don’t even know our situation and your own life is so messed up. I realize that you are in pain, but you are so very wrong to go out of your way to attack innocent people.

You need to get psychological help or perhaps the court should intervene and protect your step children from you as well.

Why is Roy Moreno allowing his new wife, Julia Hartman Moreno to emotionally abuse his own children?

Contact Information:
Julia Moreno age 37
aka Julie L. Greer
aka Julie L Hartman
The Joshua Rose Foundation
909 Armory Rd; PMB # 179
Barstow, CA 92311
call us at 760-252-5750 or 760-590-3336


  1. Off the wall. This- Julia.


    Cold North Wind

  2. I wish these women would act as the adults they should be. Instead, you are the adult and they behave as children.

    The whole world needs to shut up long enough to hear the children, especially when the "children" are now in their 20's.

    Instead, people tell you to shut up, to go away, to be quiet, and I am so proud that you simply tell the truth! Who are we to judge? That was your life and since I can recall being 7 and 9 years old, and many horrible things that were out of my control, I am certain two very intelligent young adults, Jennifer and Zachary are smart enough to know the truth from a lie.
    With Love,
    J. Wright

  3. Did you see how she is on FB trying to suck in unsuspecting victims?

  4. Soooo, instead of helping someone that you claim needs it, you build a page to attack her publicly on the World Wide Web and possibly cause more mental distress? Shame on you!

    1. Obviously, you are not aware of the problems Moreno created for this family. You really should get all your facts straight before trying to shame anyone, especially, Jennifer and her family.

  5. Soooo, instead of helping someone that you claim needs it, you build a page to attack her publicly on the World Wide Web and possibly cause more mental distress? Shame on you!

  6. My name is LISA MORNEO; I’m the oldest of the family you are speaking of!!
    I’m trying to be as nice as possible without saying things I should not say.
    Let me tell you “People” Something about MY FAMILY!! You have no Idea what has happened in any of our past, ESPECIALLY NOT MINE!! Her Kids were NOT taken away because of abuse. Have any of you “People” been in her children’s footsteps? NO!! I have known Julia since I was 13; Yes we got into arguments but what family doesn’t? And Trust me if there was any so called abuse going on; DO YOU HONETLY THINK I WOULD BE STANDING UP FOR MY FAMILY THE WAY I AM???

    As for me and my sisters that is a whole different story! WE WERE NOT TAKEN AWAY FROM OUR MOTHER. That is a story you people have not right to know about, OR EVEN DARE TO BRING UP!
    Before you come out and judge MY FAMILY look at your life First! And DON’T YOU EVER BRING UP MY FAMILY AGAIN!!

    “Worthless people have nothing to do better with their life’s now a days” It’s almost Christmas for goodness sakes, you really should be out enjoying your SO CALLED FAMILYS then to be out on the web trying to put mine down.