Who is Sister Charity Ohse?

This is the Real Charity Ohse Kreasco (33) &
her husband Robert Kreasco (63)

Charity Ohse Kreasko belongs to a cult like religious organization in the hills of West Virginia. She refers to herself as “Sister Charity” a self proclaimed “Prayer Warrior.” According to her own biography Charity is an “ordained minister of Christ, prayer partner, spiritual counselor, internationally published poet, and the founder of the Guardians of the Future… " It is almost cute and child like that Charity Ohse Kreasko boasts that she is an “internationally published poet.” Her poems can be found on a self publishing internet site (poetry.com.) Since my blog, Charity has review and repaired some of the inaccuracies she published. "I have several Poems that have been published in anthologies that deal with the pain caused by alienation and other forms of emotional abuse.." When will these people realize that it is not "Parental Alienation" when a parent looses custody of their child due to their abuse and neglect of that child? In all fairness, here is one of Charity Ohse Kreasko’s poems:

Honesty's Price by Charity Kreasko
Can you feel my pain?
Do you taste my tears?
Have you experienced hate?
Know you of fear?
All questions are answered with more from within,
Screaming, Twisting, Writhing,
The truth breaks free from your heart.
Turning your tongue into a sharp blade,
Escaping your lips and slitting the throats of your loved ones,
Setting you free with their blood.

Does anyone else find this a little bit spooky? Perhaps this is one of the reasons this woman lost custody of her own child. Even though Charity has attacked my mother, my mom actually feels bad for her. She says that this is obviously a disturbed woman in severe pain. See… that is the difference between me and my mom. She still looks for the good in everyone. I am still looking for justice!

Charity Kreasko claims that she has been a victim of Parental Alienation for 29 years. First she was separated from her father when she was a child. Then she lost custody of her own child (Betsy) 6 years ago. Instead of admitting to her parental shortcomings, correcting her mistakes and becoming a better parent, Charity Kreasko takes the same approach that many abusers take by making excuses and claiming to be a victim of "Parental Alienation Syndrome." This is nothing more than an abusers attempt to excuse away their inappropriate, even abusive acts to a child.

Charity Ohse recently married 63 year old Robert Kreasko. Mr. Kreasko is prohibited (from the court) to have any contact at all with Charity’s daughter. (I wonder why.) Charity and Robert now have a young child together (Walter.) Charity is finally allowed to visit with Betsy 2 times a month for a few hours each time. Instead of cherishing this time, Charity has forced young Betsy to participate in an Anti-Parental Alienation video which she published on the internet to try to drum up sympathy. (The video has recently been removed from You Tube.) What parent would subject a young child to such emotional distress? If the judge presiding over Betsy’s care found this out perhaps Charity’s new visitation schedule would be revoked.

In Charity’s blog posting from March 26 2009, she lists 13 different quotes from the bible of how people should give to the poor, how the poor are deserving of constant charity and how we should endlessly give to drug addicts and troubled souls. Sister Charity proclaims “He (Jesus) doesn't say that it is acceptable to place restrictions or conditions on our help and He threatens to punish those that are selfish and cruel to the poor….Would you treat Jesus this way? I seriously doubt that you would ask him to take a drug test in exchange for food.”
Seriously Charity… Take responsibility for your own actions. If you have a drug problem, get professional help. Get cleaned up. Take parenting classes. Get a job. Is your 63 year old husband capable of taking care of your preschool son? Try to make amends for your mistakes instead of blaming the world around you! People need to be responsible for their own actions. How many excuses can a drug abuser make before society says enough?

The last quote in Charity’s article demonstrates her feelings toward my mother. “They were arrogant and spoiled; they had everything they needed and still refused to help the poor and needy. They thought they were better than everyone else, and they did things I hate. And so I destroyed them! Charity set our to destroy this innocent woman, Holly Collins because my mother would not defend child abusers and the false claim of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Along with her friend Julia Hartman Moreno, she published a false, hurtful, hateful, slanderous article about a beaten down and battered woman. What about her own pact that Charity has on her web blog? “I Pledge to stand up against injustice in it's many forms. I will not participate in Character Assassination. I will speak out against Judges and Other Government Agencies that Accept False Allegations of Abuse and other lies without question. I will not support legislation or elected officials that condone these practices.” Charity Ohse Kreasko

Charity Kreasko you made a terrible mistake here which even violates your own religious beliefs. My mother was a battered woman. I was an abused child! How in the world can you pass judgment when you do not have any idea who we are?


Contact information:
Charity Kreasko
Aka Charity Ohse
103 Hemlock DrFairmont, West Virginia 26554
PO Box 2319City, State, Zip: Parkersburg, WV 26102-2319
304-275-7023 / 304-275-7023

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