Sister Julia Moreno & Sister Charity Kreasko Respond

"Backstabbers Beware!"

“We've had all that we are going to take of Backstabbing within the movement. We've thought about this long and hard and prayed even harder upon this most troubling of subjects. We believe that the movement should be a safe place for ALL parents that have been legally abused and thrown out of their children's lives for money to come. Currently the movement has not been what it should be and what it could be. Instead it has been more like navigating shark infested waters. This is not acceptable. So, what can we do about it? Can we ban a backstabber from participating in the movement or having an organization? No, for no one single person controls this movement. As far as Sister Charity, Sister Julia and our respective organizations: We are a team and we work together… The point is this we can only control our own actions not the actions of others. Yes, we have been attacked by people inside and outside of the movement. Yes, sometimes it hurts us. Yes, sometimes it even makes us cry, but we are NOT going anywhere. We're here to stay…. WE WILL NOT give into threats, rumors, or anything else that backstabbers throw at us…”

This is a very interesting tactic from Julia Moreno and Charity Ohse Kreasko. Please check the records, we didn’t even know who these women were or the “Children Need Both Parents” website until AFTER they published a slanderous article about our family.

This is a typical response of an abuser trying to twist the facts and claim to be the victim… AGAIN!

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  1. Ms. Collins,

    Although I'm quite sure you won't allow this comment to go thru, as you would not want readers to know the truth of our true response to you, again, we thank you for continually promoting our work.
    Next time you quote someone, you might want to make sure you quote them accurately otherewise it's misrepresentation and fraud; and this post wasn't even directed to you as this was posted back on April 6, 2009. the full post can be found at

    Our true and accurate response to you can be located: