Sister Julia Moreno & Sister Charity Kreasko Taunt Child Abuse Victims

Children Need Both Parents Hypocrites

When I wrote an article calling the “Children Needs Both Parents” site for their false, slanderous story about me and my family, they immediately banned me from their site. Several of these abusers have even posted blogs promoting hate and destruction of their critics.

Now they are writing to me, taunting me, mocking me and claiming that my criticism has actually helped them promote their site for abusers. They named me over and over again to make sure their blogs get more and more hits. They have even ‘thanked me for the free publicity.’ If they are truly grateful and do not have anything to hide, then why am I still banned from their site? It’s just sickening how they continue to abuse the system, other child abuse victims and their own children and step-children.

So many people have told me to ignore them as well as other abusive parents groups who are only out for sensationalism and free publicity. I was told that this is just the way it works. Total strangers start to interfere just so they can feel important. I have to admit that this is exactly what my mother’s attorney, Alan Rosenfeld warned me about. He said that I shouldn’t give these whackos a platform. Perhaps he’s right that we should just ignore them, but maybe it's a good thing if we have all the abusers gathered in one place. When people start associating with sites for abusers then their motives should definitely be questioned.

It’s just so irritating that Mrs. Moreno & Mrs. Kreasco are still playing the victim role. They lost custody of their children due to abuse and neglect. Then they have the audacity to interfere in a child abuse case they know nothing about. It’s scandalous that Julia Moreno is exploiting her new step children in public. How can the father, biological mother and the courts allow this to happen? What about Charity Kreasco forcing little Betsy to make a PAS video? Isn’t this the same child who said that she hates her parents? Poor child!

As a victim of severe child abuse which has been further exasperated by Court Appointed Child Abuse (CACA) it makes my blood boil when abusers invent more and more excuses to cover up their mistreatment of innocent children.

Where is Glenn Sacks now? What is his reaction to these parents who are using PAS to cover up child abuse?

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