Children Need Both Parents - Internal conflict

Children Need Both Parents – Some Members Support Jennifer Collins

“…Minister Ron Smith, who started Children Need Both Parents, passed away last year. I am a member but based on the many conversations I had with Ron Smith, he would not tolerate the nonsense going on with these two women. [Juilia Moreno & Charity Ohse] Ron taught and believed that children need both FIT parents, with an emphasis on “fit.” He had zero tolerance for abuse of spouses or children...

Sweetie, we KNOW the Truth.

From the first time you emailed, about a year ago, your story has never wavered. Truth does not change and is not confused or confusing. Have you noticed how liars have a hard time remembering the details and when they attempt to spread their confusion and lies, the stories keep changing?

You and your mother should hold your head up high! When the courts will not protect our babies, Holly accomplished what many mothers and fathers wish they would have done to protect their now dead children.

If your mother had allowed your father to continue to abuse you and your brothers, (since he was cracking his 4 year-old's skull, death is not that far away) your mother could have, as have other mothers, gone to prison for not protecting you!!”

J.W. Children Need Both (FIT) Parents

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