Parental Alienation Syndrome Excuse to Cover Up Child Abuse

My father abused me, my brother and my mother. When child protection intervened and helped my mother leave our abusive father, he retained a lawyer who advised him of “Parental Alienation Syndrome.” He tried to manipulate the system into believing that he was the “victim.”

Now that I am above 18, I started speaking out against PAS and that lead Glenn Sacks, Julia Hartman Moreno, Charity & Bob Kreasko and other abusers right to me. Julia Moreno and Charity Kreasko wrote an extensive blog in support of my abusive father.

After researching these people, I found out that they were also accused child abusers. Julia Hartman (Moreno) and her former husband Scott Hartman lost custody of their two children 4 years ago due to their abuse and mistreatment of their children. Instead of working on their parental shortcomings, they chose to follow the path that many abusers take and claim that they are the victim of PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome.

They have joined together with other abusive parents and launched full fledge attacks on anyone who challenges the validity of this so called PAS, which is not a syndrome at all by definition.

I posted my results from my research and they continue to harass me.

Here is the latest “warning” from the Morenos.

“These are lyrics from Twisted Sister's "We're not Gonna Take It" but they also seem to very appropriately fit the mood I am in today and have been for the very past few years. I've had about enough of time with MY children being stolen from me and hearing about so many others having time stolen from them.........well, the WARRIOR within me has been awakened. So for those who interfere with FIT & LOVING PARENTS and children being able to have continuing and frequent contact with each other, consider this your warning!” May 31 2009

The problem is that these people were found to be “Unfit parents.”

Time and Time again abusers use PAS to confuse the issue of their mistreatment of innocent children.

Despite the threats, I stand firm that PAS is nothing but "Child Abuse Cover Up."

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