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A daughter speaks of what it is to be deprived of her mother at an early age from the Family Court. It then talks about the reality of a growing population that are noncustodial mothers, battered mothers losing their children to abusers and two mothers who ran from the Family Court. The aboriginal stolen generation is mentioned to remind us of a similar tragedy committed by government.
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The cases of two mothers who are condemned by the system that was supposed to protect them. One had succeeded and was awarded asylum in Netherlands. The other mother was Jailed and silenced. Her situation is unknown at present. This was the last time Shirley has been able to speak of the injustice to her children. Please write your support for Shirley - she was just being a protective mother which is one of the most hardest tasks for any mother to do especially being at odds with an abuser who has the system working for them.
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

Tags: Shirley Riggs Family Violence Family Court CHild Abuse violence against women Mothers Rights Enforced Disappearance Holly Ann Collins human Rights asylum

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