Why are Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher suing thier own granddaughter?

Stop Child Rape, one pervert at a time!

You know... It's one thing to try to stop someone from defamation of character. I certainly wish I could stop opponents of "child safety first" from spreading their lies about me. Now my own grandparents are threatening to sue me for coming forward about my grandfather raping my mother when she was just a little girl. My mother's sister has also come forward that she was also raped by Tom Gallagher. It’s no coincidence that he Gallaghers are also threatening my aunt. Of course my grandfather wants to keep his dirty secret and will do anything to protect his 'good name' but where is my grandmother in all this? Why wouldn't she protect her own daughters?I have to admit that regarding my mother and her sister's childhood abuse, I was not there. There usually are not witnesses when a man rapes a child.

Think about it...

How many people you know have sex in the open?

How many people have sex in front of an audience?

How many men rape women in front of witnesses?

How many child rapists abuse little girls in public?

What do you expect when a grown man rapes a little girl? It is obvious that he would be even more inclined to make sure there were no witnesses. Children have been raped in the privacy of their own home for years. Now these children are grown up and coming forward. Even though they want justice they are usually too traumatized to seek it. Most of them just want acknowledgement from society that it was wrong. They long for someone to tell them that it wasn’t their fault.

That's basically it! My mom is not seeking fame and fortune for being another child rape victim. She has given up on having this powerful man held accountable. It is beyond my understanding why she still wants acknowledgement and an apology from her mother.Okay, so my Grandmother is almost 66 years old. I realize that it is unlikely for her to come forward at this time against her aging 73 year old husband.

Perhaps she is waiting for him to pass away.

Perhaps she has a list of excuses to avoid facing the truth about her husband.

Perhaps she didn't know that her new husband was raping her little girl (although the records indicate that she was aware of the abuse.)

Perhaps it is easier for her to try to convince herself that her daughter was lying about being raped by her step father.

Perhaps she panicked when she found the bloody underwear from her 10 year old daughter.

Perhaps it is easier for her to believe that her daughter is mentally ill (yet every single psychiatric professional proved otherwise.)

Perhaps it is easier for her to try to convince herself that it was just a coincidence when her second daughter came forward about being raped by her stepfather.

Perhaps she can somehow overlook the fact that other little girls (besides my mother) came forward and one even testified under oath to the abuse.

Perhaps she won't come forward now thinking that this is all in the past so it is best to forget about it.

Perhaps she tries to discredit her own daughters so she does not have to admit that her husband is a pedophile and rapist of little girls.

Perhaps she is another battered woman who is afraid for her own safety if she comes forward. (The medical records confirm the broken ribs my grandmother was treated for in the hospital after her husband; Tom Gallagher beat her up in front of witnesses.)

Victim or not, every mother has a responsibility to protect her children or at least be honest about the abuse her children suffered.

It is about time that we stop protecting child rapists just because the thought of it makes us as a society uncomfortable. If just the thought of child rape makes us uncomfortable, think of the physical and emotional pain to that very child!

Let's stop the abuse and rape of children one pervert at a time!

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