March 6 2009 Jennifer Collins letter to Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher

Dear Grandmother Eleanor,

I find your letter quite disturbing and misleading.

First of all, one of the blogs you referred to ( is the property of my 15 year old little brother. All he did was reprint a letter that his father’s wife, Beth Imm sent to several people, including the media. Christopher’s intention was to demonstrate that the Imms were violating a court order by having contact with you which was forbidden by the courts. My little brother had no intention at all regarding you or your husband. He doesn’t know you and he doesn’t care about you or Tom at all!

You and your husband decided to defame me and my mother. I did not mention anything about you or your husband on my web site( until AFTER you chose to violate my privacy by printing lies about me and my mother. Your distribution about our private family matters to journalists permits me to a public defense.

I have been advised that I have a very strong legal case myself for defamation of character but I am not interested in dwelling in the past or suing family members. My father knows what he did was wrong and that is enough. He had a substance abuse problem and I am trying to find a way to forgive him for everything that he did to me. My main concern is holding the court officials responsible for failing to protect us as children and to prevent other children from the same abuse that we suffered.

I had no intention to pursue any course of action against you either. However I will not tolerate you invading my privacy and distributing false allegations against me and my mother. Your false accusations against my mother have a direct correlation to me, because you are saying that I was not abused as a child.
How the heck would you know what happened in my father’s house?

I have been informed that North Carolina is very clear regarding defamation laws, requiring you to pursue any legal action where the questionable publications took place. That clearly means that you would have to come to Holland. According to the laws here you certainly do not have any sort of case at all! I have received legal advice that the truth is a clear defense to a defamation charge! I have not sought out to invade your privacy. I am simply rebutting the misrepresentation of facts that you have chosen to share in a public forum. The reporter, Glenn Sacks who published several of your letters (including your name, address and phone number) has clearly violated these laws in regards to me and my family and I am inquiring to see if there is a way to hold him responsible.

I want to make something very clear. I am not conspiring against you with anyone. I am in control of my web site and I am the publicizing author. Your attempts to continue your legal harassment of my mother stops with me! I do not live at home and I am freely publishing what I choose. I am responsible for everything on my blog. I will welcome any chance possible to explain to a judge, jury and even the media what you, your husband, my father, his wife and the courts did to me and my brother! You can not intimidate me. I know I have the truth and the law on my side!

Your threats to drag my mother into a legal conflict which is between you and me (coupled with your history of abuse towards my mother) clearly demonstrate your continued harassment of my mother. I have absolutely no malicious intent. I just want the truth to be revealed. I witnessed your physical assaults to my mother on several occasions. I believe my mother's and my aunt’s accounts of abuse from when they were children. I strongly believe that my mother and her sister were raped by your husband. When my uncle Mikey came to visit us last year he also confided in me and my brother to severe beatings. He told us of how he was forced to go into the woods to cut a willow switch which you would use to beat him. He told us that our mother was dumb because she was so stubborn. He advised us to take you and Tom for all that you are worth. He boasted “That is what I am doing. They owe it to me.” After everything that Uncle Mikey told us, there is no way that I believe that you are the close loving family that you profess.

I think it is a shame that you were beaten by your parents and then further abused by your husband, but you had no right to abuse your own child. My mother was in the same or worse situation than you were, and yet she was not abusive to us! In fact she risked everything to protect us.

My mother has chosen not to answer your letter because she is not involved in this matter.


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