March 3 2009 Eleanor Gallagher Preparing Suit Against Holly Collins & Daughter

Dear Holly and Jennifer,

Again, I request that each of you remove and retract false, defamatory and libelous statements that you have published to the Internet as individuals, and that which you have published in concert; all of which has caused us great harm. There are Statutes that have strong prohibitions against those who conspire to injure the reputation of others which is particularly true where a publication has a world wide reach. Because participation in blogs makes both of you international publishers, you are expected to understand the laws of every jurisdiction where your documents will be distributed.

Ciber libel laws in the USA have made it clear that Internet harassment and deformation and the intrusion into a person’s right of privacy are serious offenses. North Carolina has very strict laws making it a criminal offense for someone to secure the publication of false or libelous information.

In addition, you have distributed communications (e-mails) about me and my husband to numerous others with the malicious intent to degrade and defame our good name and with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of contents.

I will again reiterate that there are strict laws against invasion of privacy. In addition, it is illegal to intrude upon our seclusion and solitude. You have done so by publishing our names and address to the Internet along with private communications.

I urge you both to remove defamatory and private information about me and my husband from, but not limited to, the following web sites and to those links publishing similar material, and refraim from future intrusion into our lives.

With all sincerity,

Your mother (and grandmother) Eleanor Gallagher

I noticed that this letter is only from Eleanor. And why not Tom? Could it be that the truth is finally coming out?

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