Investigation Requested for Eleanor Gallagher and Attorney Thomas J. Gallagher's Abuse of Power

People keep asking why Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher would try to take away the children from both of Eleanor’s daughters. I think I found a good answer in the words of a written affidavit by Eleanor Gallagher to the court: “My reputation and that of my husband are very important to us and we can not leave such charges to stand.” (Affidavit of Eleanor Gallagher, December 28 1992)

When Holly came forward that Tom Gallagher sexually abused her, Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher threatened Holly that if she didn’t recant all of the abuse she suffered as a child, they would take her children away from her. They even wrote the legal briefs for Holly’s abusive ex husband Mark Collins, even though they were aware of his abuse to Holly and her children. When Eleanor’s other daughter, Michelle had a child and tried to protect her from Tom Gallagher, the Gallagher’s also tried to silence Michelle by taking away her child. Even after Tom Gallagher was accused of abusing the little girl, the Gallagher’s also succeeded in having Michelle’s child taken away from her. Now Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher are raising this child and Michelle hasn’t been allowed to see her own daughter for over 5 years. It’s all terribly sad and extremely suspicious.

It doesn’t make any sense! Why would a family court judge put children at additional risk of abuse? Does it have anything to do with Tom Gallagher’s political position? Eleanor Gallagher herself boasts “My husband is a highly regarded member of both the Massachusetts and Minnesota bar and is an executive vice president/general counsel/secretary of a major corporation. He also chairs a Washington based committee that makes recommendations on international trade to the president of the United States.”

Coincidentally, the Minnesota judge, Michael Davis received a federal appointment at the same time he was involved with the Collins case!

Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher are vicious! It is outrageous how they set out to destroy Holly and Michelle. Today their lies still go unchallenged. It is time to set the records straight.

Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher contend that Holly did not make any allegations of abuse until after they supposedly sided with her abusive ex husband during the divorce. That is clearly not true!

1980: Holly tried to commit suicide when she was 14 years old after Eleanor Gallagher physically abused her and stated that her children ruined her life and she wished she had an abortion. The Guardian ad Litem report from 1982 states: “Holly admitted to the suicide attempts but stated they were in response to comments or actions by her parents. For example the first attempt (1980) was essentially a response to her mother’s statement that she wished she had never had children.”

1981: Thomas Gallagher beat up Eleanor Gallagher in front of Eleanor’s children. Eleanor Gallagher had difficulty breathing and was rushed to the emergency room where she was treated for 3 broken ribs.

1982: When Holly was 16 years old, she showed up at school severely beaten up by Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher. The authorities became involved and Holly was removed from the Gallagher’s home. A teacher even wrote an affidavit about the abuse, but recanted after the powerful Thomas Gallagher threatened to sue him and the high school. Holly moved in with her father and step-mother.

1982: Physical and Legal Custody of Holly was reversed to her father after the court was made aware of the Gallagher’s abuse to her in September 17 1982.

1987: Eleanor Gallagher struck Holly in the face with a silver serving tray in front of several witnesses, including Holly’s children.

1988: Eleanor Gallagher assaulted Holly in her own home in front of her children. A witness called the police for domestic disturbance. The police report states: “The victim was grabbed by the arm and was pushed into walls. The suspect attempted to hit the victim but the victim stated she was able to block the blows. The witness was in the next room and could here the fight.” Holly was embarrassed and intimidated by the assault and did not pursue the charges. She just wanted the abuse to stop.

Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher claim that Holly never made any child abuse disclosures until 1991 to supposedly punish them for siding with her abusive ex-husband during their divorce, yet in an affidavit from Eleanor Gallagher in 1991 she admits that there were abuse issues when Holly was a child and even duscussed in court back in 1982.

1991: Affidavit Eleanor Gallagher October 11, 1991:“On Sept 17 1982 Ronald Tveter filed a pro se motion to change the original divorce decree to sole custody of then minor child Holly Tveter (now Collins) based on neglect of said child. That said minor child, Holly Tveter, did not like the rules of the house and felt that she was neglected and sometimes abused… I respectfully request to copy the 1982 guardian ad litems report to be used as a defense against Holly Tveter Collins and also show a pattern of her continual allegations of abuse to get what she wants…” (Eleanor Gallagher’s affidavit October 11 1991)

Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher have had the court records sealed to cover up the abuse to Holly and her siblings, but Eleanor Gallagher’s affidavits are public information. Eleanor Gallagher is caught in a lie again!

1991: Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher filed motions in the Massachusetts Court for visitation with Holly’s two children, Zachary and Jennifer. The Essex County probate court family service officer, Mr. Karedes witnessed an incident when Thomas Gallagher physically threatened Holly in the court house. Mr. Karedes stepped in front of Holly to protect her from Tom Gallagher. The Gallaghers motion for visitation was denied. (December 20 1991)

1991: Thomas Gallagher requested a copy of the incident report from Minnesota. The fax from the Police to Thomas Gallagher states:

“After reviewing the case, I contacted the St Louis Park City attorney’s office and found the victim (Holly Collins) did not pursue the matter. This case shall be marked exceptionally clear with no further police or court action.” (Fax from Police department to Thomas Gallagher - December 26 1991)

Back then the laws were different, if domestic violence victims did not pursue criminal prosecution, the charges were dismissed. Yet now Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher misrepresent the case to the media that all of the court orders against them were dismissed because the court sided against Holly. The police records prove that is not true!

1991: Holly’s sister Michelle issued an affidavit supporting her sister Holly. Michelle admitted to abuse from Tom Gallagher. One example is when Tom Gallagher would lock the girls outside of the house in the winter with nothing on but their pajamas:

“I didn’t like when Tom Gallagher banged our heads together then made us stand outside with our pj's on in the winter at night when mom wasn’t home.” (Affidavit from Michelle, December 26 1991)

1992: The Massachusetts Judge denied Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher all contact with Holly’s children again.

1992: Eleanor Gallagher tried to interfere with the child abuse evaluation by the Boston Children’s Hospital. She contacted the hospital staff on many occasions from June to August 1992.

1992: Eleanor Gallagher filed a complaint against Holly and the children’s family therapist, Fred Emilianowicz because he would not give Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher the private therapy information about the Collins family. (August 2, 1992)

1992: Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher panicked when Michelle issued an affidavit regarding the abuse from Tom Gallagher. They threatened Michelle and Michelle told Holly that she had to recant her affidavit. Holly taped the phone conversation to protect herself against Eleanor and Tom Gallagher. Eleanor and Tom forced Michelle to get a restraining order against Holly for tape recording their phone conversations. Eleanor Gallagher brought Michelle to the Court to file a restraining order against Holly. (Aug 14 1992) The restraining order states “The defendant (Holly Collins) is not to call the plantiff (Michelle Ek) by telephone.”In a later affidavit, Michelle recanted her previous affidavits and specifically states: “My mother and Tom were very angry towards my sister Holly. They would come to my house at… bring papers for me to sign. They would put the papers on a table, cover them with a blank paper and tell me to sign at the bottom. First I asked if it had anything to do with the court case against Holly. Eleanor and Tom Gallagher always said No.”

In an affidavit Michelle states: “Eleanor and Tom Gallagher is trying to take Holy’s children from her using her husband Mark, then taking my child, using my ex-husband Brian Ek... after… me and Holly’s multiple molestation charges against Thomas Gallagher.” (Affidavit of Michelle Ek)

1992: Custody of Zachary and Jennifer were reversed to Mark Collins. (December 22 1992)

1992: Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher immediately filed new motions with the Massachusetts court to cancel the court orders forbidding them contact with Holly’s children.

1993: The Massachusetts Court remanded the case to Massachusetts: “This Court declines to exercise any further jurisdiction in the circumstances and defers to the Minnesota Court to address the issue of contact between the plaintiff (Eleanor Gallagher) and the minor children.” (January 13 1993)

1993: Eleanor Gallagher filed a complaint requesting an internal review of Dr. Newberger, director family development program at the Boston Children’s Hospital because he found that there was an indication that Holly was abused as a child. Eleanor copied the complaint to 8 different people, but failed to notify her own daughter of the complaint. (February 24 1993)

1993: Mark Collins granted Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher permission to visit alone with Zachary and Jennifer.

Not only did Holly have to worry about her ex husband and his new wife physically abusing her children but she also had to worry about her abusive mother as well. To make the whole situation even more terrifying, the same man who raped Holly and her sister as little girls was also allowed to have unmonitored access to her children.

1993: Eleanor Gallagher filed another complaint against Dr. Newberger and forwarded her complaint to 9 different people. Again, she did not notify her own daughter. (May 30 1993)

1993: Affidavit from Michelle: “I have a restraining order preventing Holly from calling me… I sought the order because holly was taping my conversations and I did not want her to do that.” (July 1993)

1994: Eleanor Gallagher met with the investigation board against the Collins’ family therapist, Fred Emilianowicz. (May 23 1994)

1994: Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher filed another complaint to the Massachusetts psychiatric investigation board advocating for Mark Collins. (May 27 1994)

1994: Zachary and Jennifer ran away from their father’s house. Holly took her children and fled the country. Wouldn’t you want to do the same?

1994: To make this matter even more tragic (but surprisingly clear) after Holly fled with her children, Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher went after Holly’s sister Michelle and were awarded unsupervised visitation. The minor child was treated in the hospital for suspicion of sexual abuse after a visitation with Eleanor and Thomas Galalgher. Tom Gallagher was a powerful attorney and not only did they get visitation, now they have custody of Michelle’s’ child!

1997: Holly and her children were the granted asylum in the Netherlands.

2006: Holly and the children were officially located by the United States FBI.

2008: Eleanor Gallagher finally admits to abuse from her mother. “My mother punished us by hitting us with my father's razor strap... and when she hit us kids, we had black and blue bruises for a month.” (August 2008)

2008: Eleanor Gallagher filed another complaint of Dr. Newberger for his continued support of Holly and her now grown children.

2008: Eleanor Gallagher claims that Holly’s asylum status is causing an international uproar. “She apparently is the first American citizen ever to be granted asylum in the Netherlands which has now caused an international uproar because such status should never have been permitted.” (August 2008)

2008: Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher threatened to sue Dr. Newberger for his evaluation 17 years ago. “If doctor Newberger does not rescind his comments we will take action to defend our good name.” (August 2008)

2009: Eleanor Gallagher released private information which was sealed by the court to a third party which suddenly appeared in an article against her daughter Holly.

2009: Eleanor Gallagher threatened Holly’s sister Michelle: “This is just a reminder that in your case... all the records have been sealed and the Court Ordered states: That there be not reproduction of or reference to any materials contained within the records on file with the Court in this matter or with the aforesaid agencies/persons, his/her agent, or any agency absent a Court Order to the contrary… if you, or Michael... or your father, or Holly Collins, violate the court order cited above, I will bring the matter before the court and request charges of Contempt of Court be brought against anyone who violates the order.”

2009: Michelle has not seen her daughter in 5 years. This is absolutely outrageous and a clear example of abuse of power and political position.

2009: Eleanor Gallagher threatened Eleanor’s granddaughter, Jennifer (23) for speaking up about Eleanor and Tom Gallagher’s egregious behavior. “I will again reiterate that there are strict laws against invasion of privacy. In addition, it is illegal to intrude upon our seclusion and solitude… I urge you both to remove defamatory and private information about me and my husband.”

2009: Jennifer’s response to Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher: “You and your husband decided to defame me and my mother. I did not mention anything about you or your husband on my web site ( until AFTER you chose to violate my privacy by printing lies about me and my mother. Your distribution about our private family matters to journalists permits me to a public defense.”

2009: There should be an external investigation to determine if Attorney Thomas Gallagher (who just happened to be some sort of advisor to the President of the United States) abused his political position to influence private court proceedings pertaining to his alleged sexual abuse of several little girls.

Michelle’s daughter should be removed from Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher and returned to her loving mother immediately!

Does anyone have any advice how we can request an official investigation?

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