August 21 2008 Eleanor & Thomas Gallagher Attack Collins Childrens Doctor

I found out about this complaint letter agianst my Doctor, by reading it on Glenn Sacks Site.

Eleanor Gallagher
P.O. Box 1652
Southern Pines, NC. 28388

August 21 2008

Stuart J. Novick
General Counsel
Children’s Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Re: Eli Newberger, MD

Dear Mr. Novick,

Well, Dr. Newberger has done it again: “shot form the hip” and made comments in letter to City Pages of the Minneapolis Star Tribune dated August 20, 2008 based on one-sided information:

“Doctor haunted by case:

I can't thank you enough for this article. I've worried about this family for years and think about them every time the Munchausen diagnosis is used as a cudgel against women trying to protect their children in family court. May I ask you please to transmit my warm greetings to Holly, with my respect for her courage and values, and my congratulations on raising such wonderful children? Eli Newberger, M.D. Brookline, Massachusetts”

In 1993, I requested that there be an internal inquiry of Dr. Eli Newberger with respect to his involvement in two court matters regarding Holly Ann Collins and her two children, Jennifer and Zachary. Apparently the evidence I set fourth in discussion with the medical review committee on July 29 1993 has no impact on Dr. Newberger’s flagrant disregard for truth. I am now requesting the result of that inquiry.

After an extensive, three year investigation by twelve psychiatrists and physicians, two guardian ad litems, numerous depositions and publicized trial, the Minnesota Appellate Court upheld a January 26 1993 lower court decision that found “there be overwhelming evidence tht the children were at great physical and emotional risk” if they remained in Holly’s care. Holly’s adverse influence on the children was so severe, that the court ordered strict supervised visitation. Even then Holly was caught medicating her children.

During that time, Dr. Newberger, refused to meet with me (I had court certified documents allowing me to obtain the children’s medical records) and flagrantly disregarded information provided him by his own colleagues, ie… Dr. Alan Wang, Immunologist in phone conversations on June 3 1992, and Dr. Burr, Psychiatrist, both of whom were treating Zachary and Jennifer at the Children’s Hospital at that time. Dr. Newberger wrote four letters to Holly’s attorney stating 1. that the Minnesota Finding of Fact were ‘flimsy hypothesizing.” 2. that Holly’s care of the children was “appropriate and excellent” and 3 “the children would be at considerable psychological risk if allowed to visit their maternal grandmother or their father.”

In 1993 Holly kidnapped her children and fled the country. A warrant was issued for her arrest which is still outstanding. After 14 years in hiding, Holly was found by the FBI to be living in the Netherlands with 7 of her children fathered by three (3) different men. She apparently is the first American citizen ever to be granted ‘asylum’ in the Netherlands which has now caused an international uproar because such status should not have been permitted. It is now known that Holly used the above cited letters written by “the renown” Dr. Newberger from The Boston Children’s Hospital (who in reality had seen the children only four times) to obtain a residence permit from The Hague.

Holly is now seeking to return to the country and has stirred up battered women’s groups in the United States and requested others to conduct a letter writing campaign to Steny Hoyer, Majority Whip in an attempt to create a media circus and intimidate the district attorney handling her case.

Mr. Novak, the media circus has begun and Dr. Newberger continues to contribute to this media nightmare.

Holly is all over the internet… blogs, videos, talk show interviews, all with the intention of creating enough publicity so that she will be viewed as the victim, often referencing to those now famous letters written by Dr. Newberger from the Children’s Hospital. It would be advantageous for you to read recent comments posted on the city pages and other sites, some of which are included in this communication. Read them carefully.

Holly has emailed me numerous times over the past year. My son visited with her in the Netherlands a few months ago and it is obvious to both of us that Holly is a sick, desperate, woman who could have been helped if only Dr. Newberger had not felt so omnipotent, and took into account information supplied him by reputable caregivers before making defamatory statements which have caused others so much pain.

If Dr. Newberger does not rescind his comments, we will take action to defend our good name, and protect our other children and family members from unwanted public scrutiny.

Hopefully, I will hear from you in the very near future. Detailed records of the information presented to the review committee in 1993 are available upon request.

Eleanor Gallagher
Letter dated May 30 1993
Letter dated June 8 1993
Comment from City pages (unknown author)

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