Holly Collins Response to Eleanor Gallagher Attacks on Childrens Doctor

Dear Doctor Newberger,

I just learned of this newest threat to you from my biological mother and her husband; Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher. Jennifer found several complaint letters published on Glenn Sacks web site. We didn’t even know these complaints existed until a few days ago. I can not begin to express how very sorry I am for the trouble that the Gallagher’s have caused you. I can not explain how guilty I feel that Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher have again set out to ruin your career and good name. It is incomprehensive that they are still going after you over 16 years later just because you tried to protect my children from abuse.

I must admit that after 17 years of no contact, I made the mistake of emailing with my biological mother last year. I was desperately hoping that she had changed. I was devastated to learn that after I left the United States with my children in order to protect them from further abuse, Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher turned on my sister when she tried to protect her own daughter from suspected sexual abuse from Thomas Gallagher. They helped her abusive ex-husband have custody reversed. It is heartbreaking that my sister’s daughter is now living in the sole custody of Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher. I pray that someone is protecting that girl from the same abuse we suffered as children. Jennifer is researching all of the court records and any evidence she can find because she wants to hold Hennepin County officials accountable for the court appointed child abuse she and her brother suffered after the court was made aware of her father’s violence.

The Gallagher’s are now threatening their own granddaughter with a defamation suit for speaking the truth about the abuse they and I suffered at the hands of Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher and their biological father, Mark Collins. It is quite remarkable that the Gallagher’s are guilty of exactly what they are accusing others of doing, defamation of character and invasion of privacy. I have always known that my biological mother and her husband were wicked people who flaunt their power and abuse their position. I do not understand why they are threatening you after the lovely comment you made on the City Pages article in August 2008. It has nothing to do with them anymore.

“Doctor haunted by case: I can't thank you enough for this article. I've worried about this family for years and think about them every time the Munchausen diagnosis is used as a cudgel against women trying to protect their children in family court. May I ask you please to transmit my warm greetings to Holly, with my respect for her courage and values, and my congratulations on raising such wonderful children? Eli Newberger, M.D. Brookline, Massachusetts”

You do not mention the Gallagher’s at all. I think they are very afraid that after all these years the truth will be exposed. I still haven’t become comfortable with my parents constant threats to take legal actions against me and I don’t understand how Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher can threaten you (and my daughter) with a defamation suit. They are the ones who initiated very public statements of private family matters, which were originally publicized by Glenn Sacks.

In her most recent complaint letter to the Boston Children’s Hospital, Eleanor Gallagher states: “If doctor Newberger does not rescind his comments, we will take action to defend our good name and protect our other children and family members from unwanted public scrutiny.”

It certainly needs to be clarified that Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher are the ones providing the personal documents including their name, address and telephone numbers which Glenn Sacks has posted in such a public forum.

It was very distressing to read of my own mother’s defamatory statements “It is obvious to both of us that holly is a sick, desperate woman who could have been helped if only Dr. Newberger had not felt so omnipotent…” Just to reassure you, I have had several more independent psychological evaluations and every one of them confirmed that I am not mentally ill at all! The only unanimous diagnosis was ‘Post Traumatic Stress” ‘caused by significant childhood abuse and severe marital domestic violence.’ I will gladly provide these documents to you if needed.

It is remarkable that the Dutch Government and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation independently confirmed that my children and I were severely abused. All kidnapping, parental abduction and parental deprivation charges against me were dismissed.

I have attached the Gallagher’s complaint letters. If you need more documentation to the motive of Thomas and Eleanor Gallgher, there are also police reports and supporting affidavits pertaining to the sexual abuse I suffered as a child.

Again, please accept my deepest apologies for this intrusion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to protect my children.

Holly Collins

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