Glenn Sacks Libelous Attacks Against Battered Woman Holly Collins

Glenn Sacks, a very public father’s rights columnist has crossed legal and ethical boundaries by his recent defamation of character attacks against a rape victim/battered woman Holly Collins.

Glenn Sacks article is full of wild accusations, misrepresentation of the evidence, publication of personal records, violations of sealed court records and malicious lies in his deliberate attempt to discredit an abuse victim. His posting of horrific details of rape is a deliberate attempt to further humiliate the victim.

Glenn Sacks has sent his 50,000 followers on a witch hunt to investigate the lives of battered woman and their abused children. We personally were terrified by numerous threatening mails and the public posting of horrible insults and libelous accusations.

By his own admission, Glenn Sacks screens all comments his articles receive before he personally posts them on his site. Glenn Sacks is responsible for the public postings of horrendous threats to “gang rape” a rape survivor. Glenn Sacks is responsible for causing great pain and suffering to domestic violence survivors. His article is a deliberate attempt to defame abused children and their battered mother.

Glenn Sacks deliberately fails to mention all of the medical reports/child protection reports from the children’s pediatricians. He ignores all of the supporting evidence from the children’s therapists and child abuse trauma team which found the father to be abusive. Glenn Sacks should be held libel and responsible for his malicious actions. Unfortunately it is just not worth the effort. Everyone knows that this guy is scum. The documentation proves his lies and this is enough to prove what kind of abuser Glenn Sacks really is.

Glenn Sacks Defamation Against Battered Woman, Holly Collins

Volunteers needed for parental alienation project
by Glenn Sacks October 1st, 2008

"Holly Collins kidnapped her two children."

“Alleged kidnapping” Does not meet legal definition of kidnapping! All kidnapping charges were dropped. Holly Collins is NOT guilty of kidnapping.

"The Feminist Family Law Movement claims that abusive fathers often employ "Parental Alienation Syndrome" in family court. I've never doubted that such cases are possible, though they're not very common. I've thoroughly investigated each of these three cases and found the FFLM's claims to be, frankly, a fraud. Now here's my question--would anybody (or group of two or three people) like to investigate the Collins case for me? …Anybody interested should contact me by clicking here."

Glenn Sacks personally asked 50,000+ readers to investigate a private citizen. Despite the scrutiny and manipulation of the facts it is obvious that Glenn Sacks is a liar and a fraud.

Controversial Parental Alienation Case
by Glenn Sacks
December 28 & 29th, 2008

"Holly Collins kidnapped her two children."

Again…Alleged kidnapping! Definition of kidnapping! All kidnapping charges were dropped. Not guilty of kidnapping.

"I don't know the details of the case and have no position as to whether Holly Collins is telling the truth or not… Now here's my question--would anybody (or group of two or three people) like to investigate the Collins case for me? …Anybody interested should contact me by clicking here… As for me being "sneaky," I made my request openly on my well-trafficked blog and in my weekly E-Newsletter, which goes out to over 50,000 readers."

Again Glenn Sacks refers thousands and thousands of his followers to investigate a battered women and abused children. I find his behavior most revolting. Glenn Sacks appears to be obsessed and unable to accept that all kidnapping charges against Holly Collins were dropped. Glenn Sacks appears to be more concerned in covering up the abuse perpetrated by men then protecting the children they abuse.

"One person, identified only as JES, apparently was a custody supervisor for the Collins family many years ago and wrote what's below in a comment on the pro-Collins City Pages story. JES' comment is certainly worth noting, but is not enough to conclude that Holly & Jennifer Collins' versions of the story are incorrect."

Holly Collins has transcripts of a secret recording made of the conversation with visitation supervisors. Clear proof the visitation supervisor is lying. Glenn Sacks re-posted a comment which is totally false. It is proven to be false! Glenn Sacks knowing reposted false statements. Glenn Sacks proves over and over again that he is not a trustworthy news source.

The Controversial Holly Collins Custody Case – My Findings
by Glenn Sacks
January 26th, 2009

Notice that Glenn Sacks repeatedly tries to slander Holly Collins. He does not hold Mark Collins accountable for his abuse to Holly and the children despite the courts findings of domestic violence.

"The Court of Appeal noted that 'the children have adjusted well to the new custody arrangement' in Mark Collins' care and that 'the children's health has improved.'"

Glenn Sacks deliberately lies and misrepresents the truth over and over again in his articles. The court of appeal noted that “The records indicate that the children have adjusted well”…. Glenn Sacks states that it was a finding that it was true. The appellate court specifically states that it was only an indication. The appellate court specifically states: “It is not the role of an appellate court to reweigh the evidence and find its own facts.”

"The court said that Holly Collins' accusations that Mark Collins and his current wife were abusing the children were "found to be without substance,"

Glenn Sacks deliberately manipulated the reader again indicating that the Appellate court confirmed this…The appellate court specifically states “The trial court” [found that the abuse allegations were] without substance. The appellate court specifically states: “It is not the role of an appellate court to reweigh the evidence and find its own facts.”

"The Court of Appeal noted that the record supports the lower court's finding that Holly Collins 'suffers from a personality disorder.'"

It is most noteworthy that Judge Davis personally revoked his finding that Holly suffers from a personality disorder!

The appellate court never upheld the finding of mental illness. The appellate court had issues with some of the district courts findings. “The district courts finding that the children’s environment endangered their physical and emotional health was not clearly erroneous” However they did not elaborate or confirm the trial courts findings.

The Court of Appeal also upheld a lower court's finding that Holly Collins had "instilled fear of father in both children."

The appellate court specifically states “Although there was evidence presented that conflicted with some of the district courts findings, the findings were supported by other evidence.”

After the Court of Appeal denied Holly Collins' appeal for a custody switch from Mark Collins to Holly Collins in March of 1994, Holly Collins kidnapped Zachary and Jennifer (along with her baby Christopher, fathered by Jeff Imm)

Glenn Sacks accuses Holly Collins of “Kidnapping” her own baby. Holly had sole legal and physical custody of the baby. The baby's father was NOT exercising his visitation rights.

Glenn Sacks also named a minor child in his articles. His invasion of the Collins family is beyond comprehension.

Jennifer Collins, Holly's now 23-year-old daughter who was kidnapped from her father's custody while a young child, supports her mother's version of events,

Jennifer clearly states that she and her brother ran away from their father and went to their mother on their own accord. Jennifer Collins states that she is not supporting her mother's version of events but in fact it is her mother who is supporting Jennifer's accounts of the abuse.

To date I have not seen any newspaper, radio or TV reporter or commentator take a close look at the record in the Holly Collins case

Doesn't Glenn Sacks come across as a liar? In another of his articles he cited the city pages report, which was an in depth investigation!

I have done so, and there are many problems with Holly Collins' version of the events in her case. Below I list and discuss some of them. In most cases I have posted and linked to documentation, in some others the documentation is not public but I have it in my possession.

Glenn Sacks uses sealed court records from the Collins file, but then again, he only took partial statements and twisted them out of context so it doesn't really matter much anyway.

Problem #1--For decades Holly Collins has made accusations of abuse against a wide variety of people.
Those whom Holly has accused of varying degrees of abuse include:
a)Holly's mother Eleanor Gallagher
b) Holly's stepfather Tom Gallagher
c) Robert Connors, Holly's former landlord in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1992. Holly had a dispute with Connors over rent, a dispute which Connors won, and Holly accused Connors of abuse.
d) Jaap Hogewoning, Holly's former neighbor in Holland. According to the Minneapolis City Pages, Holly accused Hogewoning of "beating" her.
e) Mark Collins, Holly's ex-husband and father of Zachary and Jennifer
f) Rena Peters (aka "Rena Collins"), Mark Collins' wife, who Holly accused of hitting her with her car
g) Jeff Imm, father of Holly's third child, Christopher. Holly claims that Jeff has emotionally abused their child.

ABUSE is the strong language that Glenn Sacks chose! Holly stated what these people did, not that they were abusing her. Glenn Sacks claims that Holly made accusations of abuse against numerous people which is not true:

Robert Connors, landlord who repeatedly entered family’s apartment without permission, once when Holly was sleeping. Of course that would scare any single woman.

Jaap Hogewoning… A local drunk from (in the Netherlands) broke into the family’s home. Police reports court hearing scheduled. There is several video films on the internet documenting this man abusive behavior.

Rena Peters, ex-husbands girlfriend, hit mom with her car. There are witnesses, police report, and Rena's insurance paid a claim for the injury. It is obvious that Rena Peters Collins was at fault.

Jeff Imm won’t visit his son. Holly said his behavior is emotionally damaging. Does Glenn Sacks suddenly find that in this particular case it is not damaging to severe all contact between a father and his child? Or is that only when mothers are trying to protect their children from abuse?

Problem #2--Holly Collins has repeatedly made accusations of domestic violence or child abuse to a variety of courts, and courts have continually rejected her claims. Holly Collins' repeated requests for protection/restraining orders based on her allegations of abuse have been continually rejected by courts, and her allegations of child abuse against Mark Collins have been continually rejected by child protective services. These include:

Glenn Sacks is a liar! Many of these orders were temporarily granted and then extended for the maximal year when they expired and were not dismissed!

a) October 1988--Holly Collins alleges that her mother, Eleanor Gallagher, assaulted her. The court rejected this, marking it "exceptionally cleared."

Again Glenn Sacks clearly lies again! Eleanor Gallagher physically assaulted Holly Collins in front of several witness. The police reports state that Holly Collins personally decided not to press charges, which is typical of abuse victims.

b) December 1990--Holly Collins alleges her then-husband Mark Collins abused her and seeks restraining order.

Glenn Sacks is making false statements again! The Massachusetts court remanded the case to Minnesota since the children no longer resided in Massachusetts.

c) December, 1990 --Holly seeks a temporary restraining order against Rena Peters (aka Rena Collins), Mark Collins' wife, alleging that Rena assaulted her.

Again, typical with domestic abuse victims, Holly dropped the charges after the children were in the custody of Mark and Rena Collins.

d) April, 1991--Holly reports Mark Collins to child protective services for alleged child abuse. Dismissed.

Glenn Sacks constantly makes false statements! Glenn Sacks is a most inaccurate investigative reporter. The children's pediatrician was the one who made the child protection report. The decision to not open case specifically states that there are enough court officers currently reviewing the case and they are mandated reporters.)

e) July, 1991--Holly reports Mark Collins to child protective services for alleged child abuse. Dismissed.

Again Glenn Sacks is a proven liar! Another pediatrician made the child protection report. The decision to not open case specifically states that there were enough court officers currently reviewing the case and they are mandated reporters.

f) September, 1991 -- Holly again files for restraining order against her mother, Eleanor Gallagher, alleging that her mother abused her. Dismissed.

I am getting tired and frustrating following up on the lies from Glenn Sacks. Holly Collins was granted and Order for Protection which naturally expired after 1 year.

g) December, 1991 -- Holly again files for restraining order against her mother, Eleanor Gallagher, alleging that her mother abused her.

This restraining order was granted and naturally expired in 1992.

h) August, 1992 -- Holly Collins alleges that Mark Collins was stalking her in Minnesota, including peeking in the windows and frightening Holly and the children.

There is a police report and witness statements to substantiate that the Collins children saw their father at a secret address.

i) August, 1992--Holly files child abuse charges against Mark with child protection services. Dismissed.

Stop lying Glenn Sacks! The children's pediatrician filed this child protection report.

j) October, 1993--Holly files child abuse charges against Mark with child protection services. Dismissed.

Another one of the children's doctors filed the child protection report. Does anyone see the pattern here? Is Glenn Sacks a pathological liar?

To view the court dispositions of a few of these rejected accusations, see document #14 here.. Like any litigant, Holly was able to get temporary emergency restraining orders, but these orders were continually rejected and dismissed by the courts at the subsequent hearings.

Glenn Sacks got it wrong again and again and again! Holly was granted numerous Orders for Protections which were further extended for the maximum of 1 year!

Problem #3--Holly Collins has repeatedly accused Mark Collins of fracturing their son Zachary's skull in a violent rage. However, the injury was sustained by Zachary when he fell forward on a ride in an amusement park.

Glenn Sacks is a sensationalist and a liar! Medical and x-ray records from the amusement park clearly state that there were “no broken bones!” The medical records from when Mark Collins incident beat up Zachary clearly state that the skull was broken at that time, accompanied by swelling of the soft tissue.

"[U]pon repeated and thorough investigation, Hennepin County Family Court services found that there was no evidence for physical or sexual abuse, which was also confirmed by child protection who investigated numerous complaints [from Holly Collins] that abuse had occurred."

The child protection reports were made by two different pediatricians. The child protection reports clearly state that they are not getting involved in the case because of the pending investigation from family court services.

Family Court specifically states: The District Court found that Zachary Collins was only suicidal when in Holly Collins' care, and the Court of Appeals agreed.

This is not true! The visitation supervisor stated that Zachary brought up the subject of killing himself during supervised visitation. Numerous mental health professionals were concerned that Zachary confided in them, when his mother was not in the room that he will kill himself if visitation with his father continues.

The District Court found that Holly Collins was subjecting the children to unnecessary and potentially harmful medical treatments in Massachusetts, and the Court of Appeals agreed.

This is not true! The district never found that Holly was subjecting her children to harmful medical treatment. The Appellate court didn’t find that either. In fact Holly was granted sole custody of the baby!

Problem #4 ,,,The children resumed their therapy with Dr. Cline in 1992 until they were kidnapped by Holly Collins in l994. Cline's findings in the case contradict Holly Collins' version of events on a wide range of issues.

Dr. Cline testified that his role was purely as a "reunification therapist" He was instructed not to investigate for abuse which he followed. Even though Family Court Service Report clearly states that father abused mother and was “physically harsh” to the children. Family Court Services testified that she believes that father strangled children by the neck, and shook them back and forth and threatened to kill children.

When Holly moved with the children from Minnesota to Massachusetts in 1991, she moved in with her mother, Eleanor Gallagher, and her stepfather Tom Gallagher. Holly's behavior while in their house was erratic and problematic, and eventually Holly's mother asked her to move out. Soon afterwards, Holly refused to allow her mother and her grandmother to visit the children. Holly then accused her mother of having abused her when she was a child.

Glenn Sacks dishonesty keeps escalating. Eleanor Gallagher hit Holly in front of her children several years prior which he refers to in his report. Did Glenn Sacks forget about this incident? This incident was the basis for Order for Protection. The sealed records that Glenn Sacks boasts of having in his possession clearly state that custody of Holly was reversed to her father as a child due to the abuse from her mother and step father.

Eleanor and Tom fought to have grandparent visitation with their young grandchildren Jennifer and Zachary, who loved them and with whom they had a good relationship.

Glenn Sacks withhold evidence that he had in his position in which custody of Holly was reversed to her father in 1982 due to the abuse from Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher. Just because abusers claim to have a good relationship with the children they abused or their children's children doesn't make it true.

As Eleanor and Tom were about to be granted grandparent visitation, Holly accused her stepfather, Tom Gallagher, of sexually abusing her when she was a child. These accusations are contradicted by Holly's own statements, as well as those of her sister Michelle Ek and her brother Michael Tveter:

Does Glenn Sacks supports pedophiles? Holly's sister Michelle testified that she was sexually abused by Tom Gallagher. Michelle also testified that her parents forced her to sign the affidavits. She was afraid because she was actively being raped by step father at that time.

f) When Holly was 16 years old she had a dispute with her mother, who wanted her to finish high school before getting married to Mark Collins. As a result of this dispute, Holly desired to live with her biological father, from whom Eleanor Gallagher was divorced.

Glenn Sacks deliberately fails to admit that a year earlier Holly’s school called child protection when Holly was 16 years old and showed up to school with a battered and bruised face. Holly’s cousins told officials that her parents were abusing her. Case was dropped if mother and step father relinquished custody to Holly’s father. Holly didn't get pregnant until she was 17 years old and living in her father's house.

The Guardian ad Litem conducted a custody evaluation. During this custody evaluation, Holly made no accusation of abuse against either her mother Eleanor Gallagher or her stepfather Tom Gallagher. Yet a decade later she accused both of them of having abused her while she was a child.

Holly told the GAL that her mother and step father were abusive. Holly told judge in chambers that her parents abused her. Judge reversed custody to father.

Also, Holly at 16 recommended to the Guardian ad Litem that her two siblings, Michelle and Michael, continue to live with Eleanor and Tom. The court upheld Eleanor's sole custody of her children.

Glenn Sacks contends that he knows what happened better than the actual abuse victims. Holly said she couldn’t get involved. Holly was pregnant and mother and step father threatened to take away baby.

g) Holly claimed that her mother abused her throughout her childhood. However, later, when Holly was pregnant with Zachary, Holly asked Eleanor to be her birthing coach which she did. While Holly lived with Mark Collins at Mark's parents' house, Holly would drop off Zachary at her mother's house that then cared for the child while Holly attended school.

Glenn Sacks is a liar! The nurse from the gynecologists office was in fact Holly's coach! Holly never left the baby alone with her mother. It doesn’t make sense. Why would she live with Marks parents then and drag the baby outside every morning? Eleanor worked full time. Anne Collins babysat. A nurse from the obstetrician got special permission to be Holly’s birthing coach. She went to every class except one when she asked Anne Collins to go one time, not her own mother!

Problem #9 -- Dr. Philip Reimherr stated that Zachary had reported memories of Mark Collins breaking Holly Collins' nose. According to Holly Collins' court filings, she was seen for this nose injury on December 30, 1982. Zachary's "memory" of this injury is impossible--he had not even been born at that time.

Glenn Sacks has concocted his own version of what happened in the Collins home. Mark injured moms nose 3 times 1982 and broke her nose in 1986. Zachary clearly remembered this incident. Mark also testified to breaking mom’s nose 2-3 times.

After the change of custody to Mark Collins, the children's health improved. According to a February 22, 1993 Minneapolis Metro/Star News article written during the custody case, court-appointed child psychologist Susan Devries found that "the children's illnesses abate when they're with their father. 'The children are rarely observed to suffer from asthmatic or allergic reactions while in Mark's presence and have not required any kind of emergency room care or medical treatment,' DeVries reports."

Holly clearly testified that Mark forced the children to eat foods they were allergic to and blew smoke in their faces causing asthma attacks. He refused to give the children their medicine and dropped them off from visitation visibly sick. Many times Zachary and Jennifer were so ill that their mother took them directly to the emergency room.

Problem #11--Holly invented mythical food allergies for the children which were contradicted by many medical professionals. Once custody of Zachary and Jennifer was switched from Holly Collins to Mark Collins, the allergies soon dissipated.

Blatantly false! The pediatrician referred the children to a pediatric allergist. After testing he wrote a report calling the children ‘most allergic he has ever seen.’
Holly didn't follow through with the psychological treatment the concerned medical professionals wanted her to have

Blatantly FALSE! Holly did exactly what they said, to bring them to be evaluated by the internal team headed by Dr. Newberger

Nevertheless, Holly filed reports with Minnesota child protective services accusing Mark of feeding the children foods which they were allergic to. Child protective services found the accusation to be groundless.

FALSE! The pediatricians filed the child protection reports. Child protection said that there were enough mandated reporters investigating case.

The Minnesota Court of Appeal, in affirming the lower court's award of custody to the father in March of 1994, noted that since the custody switch "the children's health has improved." To read the Court of Appeal's ruling, see document #13

Not true the court of appeal noted that “[the records indicate] that the children’s health has improved. Glenn Sacks states that it was a finding that it was true. The appellate court specifically states that it was only an indication. The appellate court specifically states: “It is not the role of an appellate court to reweigh the evidence and find its own facts.”

The children's healthy, normal life under Mark Collins' care can be contrasted with the way Holly herself described the children's medical condition under her care in a 1991 request to the court for an ex-parte order.

Zachary and Jennifer Collins have allergies and asthma which were extensively documented. That didn’t go away just because Mark Collins and Glenn Sacks said it did.

Holly did initially succeed in misleading a few doctors into believing that Zachary and Jennifer had significant allergies. What these doctors did not realize at first was that at the time the children were living in a household in which, according to Dr. Paul M. Blum, M.D., there were "numerous animals having the run of the house." To view Dr. Blum's letter, see document #24

Holly Collins could not fake the test results. Dr Blum said in his document that the children were “the most allergic I have ever seen in my 13 years of allergy practice.” Dr. Blum was the one who warned Holly about how allergic we were and scared her mom by telling her that her children could die from their allergies.

The doctors at first also did not realize that the children's health problems were partly caused by Holly Collins overmedicating them.

How can Glenn Sacks invent this stuff? The pediatricians never believed this!

Problem #12-- Holly Collins has suffered from psychiatric and emotional problems from a young age and also as an adult. Doctors involved in the case assert that these problems also include delusional characteristics.

How can Glenn Sacks determine this?

In her early teens Holly Collins attempted suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, and told court services personnel that she tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists.

Yes she also admitted that it was because she was being raped by her stepfather!

According to a 1983 report concerning her parents' custody case as a teenager, the Guardian ad Litem wrote "her attempts [at suicide] were little more than attention getting devices, and that there was no intention of actually taking her life...Holly candidly admitted to being jealous of the preferential treatment that was received by her sister Michelle as a result of Michelle's handicap."

These records are sealed by the court. The GAL report is false. Thomas Gallagher was a big shot attorney. They told the GAL what to write.

In a notarized letter, Holly Collins' mother and grandmother assert that Holly suffers from an untreated mental illness. They state: "Holly suffered bouts of depression and was in psychiatric counseling since the age of 15...probably needs help as the trial court recognized in its order. She will not benefit from help until she stops fantasizing about the causes of her problems and addresses herself."

Holly's biological mother was physically abusive and she also tried to cover up husbands multiple rapes of both of her daughters. Holly's Grandmother was illiterate. She couldn’t read or write! She was demented and under the care of Holly’s mother. Nothing she supposedly signed can be believed.

Dr. Paul Rhudnick, a clinical psychologist in Salem, Massachusetts, conducted a psychological evaluation of Holly and found: [Holly Collins has] pronounced obsession trends characterized by introspection, deliberation and heavy reliance on fantasy. In addition, there are examples of...a tendency to use some hysterical features...[Holly Collins] often retreats into her own world of fantasy which is exceedingly complex.

The report was taken out of context. The whole report states: “Reality testing is adequate. It does show, however a woman who tends to be overly naïve and overly trusting and to project idealistic interpretations onto the world around her. As a result, she is chronically disillusioned and disappointed and depressed which is largely denied. Some of the depression reflects some guilt feelings and she is quite ambivalent. Of importance is the absence of negative feelings such as anger and hostility which are internalized and directed inward resulting in the depressive trends described previously. They are signs of interpersonal anxiety as well. Holly Ann is extremely sensitive to even mild criticism or ridicule and feels devastated. As a result she often retreats into her own world of fantasy which is exceeding complex.”

Problem #13-- Holly has made an exceedingly large number of accusations of abuse against a wide variety of people. Holly claims she was:
Punched in the face by her mother
Deprived of food as a child
Hit by her mother with a riding crop
Hit by her mother for wasting food
Sexually abused by her stepfather
Kidnapped by her mother in an attempt to force her to have an abortion
Raped by Mark five times
Beat up by Mark
Punched in the nose
Made to have objects, including a knife and a carrot peeler, inserted into her, causing a miscarriage
Punched by Mark to make doctors think that she had a disease which caused bruises
Induced into labor by Mark, who used a black pen on her.
In Holly Collins' appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals she stated that she was only "7 1/2 months pregnant" when labor was induced by sexual relations with Mark. (According to Holly Collins' mother and grandmother, at the time Holly was actually nine months pregnant and Zachary was born a full term, healthy, baby boy who weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz.)
Given a fractured wrist while blocking a punch from Mark
Forced to perform oral sex on Mark
Cut with a knife on her genitals after Mark had broken in and raped her after they had separated
Hit by her mother, causing her to call the police
Hit on purpose with a car by Rena Collins, Mark's subsequent wife
Hit by her mother after moving in with her mother as an adult
Threatened over the phone by Mark repeatedly
Had her nose broken by Mark at least three times
Punched or pushed into a wall by Mark "every time he dropped off the kids [from visitation]"
Beaten so severely by Mark during their first month of marriage that she was sent to the hospital three times
Beaten by Mark Collins while pregnant.
Abused by her landlord in Massachusetts who, we're told, was "a violent man who was charged with murdering his own father. Holly was terrified of him."
Abused by her neighbor in Holland.

Glenn Sacks is clearly trying to humiliate, inflict pain and cause personal injury to abuse victims. It is most unfortunate that Holly has suffered such abuse. For someone like Glenn Sacks to exploit this woman's pain is inexcusable!

Mark Collins argues that Zachary was not born prematurely because of things mark did to Holly Ann. He claims that Zachary was a health full term baby. Holly Ann got pregnant sometime during a trip with mark and his parents that took place after July 21 1992. Zachary was born April 3 1983 a full term baby assuming Holly Ann got pregnant on July 21 would not have been born until at least April 21 1983. As Holly Ann testified Zachary was born prematurely.

Problem #14--Holly Collins made repeated unfounded accusations that Mark Collins had a problem with substance abuse.

Glenn Sacks makes false statements that mom made unfounded accusations. Steven Johnson from Family Court Services conducted a Chemical Dependency Evaluation and found that “Mark admitted a good amount of the past drinking over time, but denied or minimized any drinking prior to pick up of the children for visitation, and the amount of his current use. He stated that his chemical of choice was beer, gin & tonic and Bacardi Rum.”

According to the court record, Mark submitted to testing for substance-abuse three times -- twice by Mr. Johnson of Hennepin court services, and once by a private counselor -- and all three evaluations concluded that Mark Collins does not have a substance abuse problem.

Glenn Sacks is blatantly lying! Mr. Johnson report clearly states: “enough information was mutually verified to determine that Mark had an abusive and potentially dependent relationship upon alcohol at an earlier stage in his life” and recommended that “Mark abstain from the use of alcohol 24 hours prior to and during any time that he would have custody and responsibility for the children.” There is no evidence that Mark has ever completed treatment for his chemical dependency.

Rena Collins also admitted to being in chemical dependency treatment for a drug addiction.

Problem #15--Holly Collins has made numerous accusations of abuse against ex-husband Mark Collins, and these accusations have been continually rejected by courts, child protective agencies, custody evaluators, and the mental health professionals involved in the case.

Important! Blatantly Libel! Every single one of Holly and her children's mental health professionals (except the reunification therapist, Dr. Cline*) found that the children were abused by their father and that Holly Collins was abused by her mother, step father and then her own husband.

Fred Emilianowicz Health & Family Services: “Holly Ann in my opinion is a woman who has experienced a life time of abuse. I also believe that the children have been abused by their father. Furthermore, I believe that the court has been supplied overwhelming evidence to support their abuse claims.”

Dr. Eli Newberger, Boston Children’s Hospital. “My sense at this point is that the disclosure of victimization given by these children and their mother are valid… our tentative conclusion however is that these children and their mother have been quite seriously victimized by their father and the anxiety that they express to their respective therapist, anxiety of a very substantial degree, must be taken seriously indeed.”

Fred Emilianowicz Health & Family Services: “I do not believe it is in the best interest of the children to visit their father in Minnesota. Forcing them to go would result in them reliving heir past trauma which could result in further psychological harm. Also there is every reason to believe that the children maybe at substantial risk for further psychical and emotional harm.”

Dr. Philip Reimherr, M.D. The Psychiatric Group of the North Shore: “When asked why he is so afraid of his father, patient becomes quite sad and quiet before responding that his father “has been mean , has hit, and ha strangled me.”

Dr. Eli Newberger, Boston Children’s Hospital. “Our initial impressions of the children’s developmental vulnerabilities and our review of the records of other evaluators, I must express to you my great concern that these children will be placed at considerable psychological risk if visits with the maternal grandmother her husband or their father were to go forth at this time…”

Fred Emilianowicz Health & Family Services: "I do believe that this woman has been the victim of considerable domestic violence.”

Julia Davis, Court Appointed Psychologist: “I do believe that her experiences as abused by her mother and ex-husband are the driving force behind her current anxieties… I do believe that Holly Ann was repeatedly victimized first by her family and subsequently by her ex-husband"

Susan Phipps Yonas Independent Child Abuse Evaluator: ‘After reviewing these materials I am concerned that here appears to have been a bias against Mrs. Collins… I can tell you that I am surprised by the fact that despite his history of domestic violence Mr. Collins has not been asked to undergo treatment.’

Fred Emilianowicz Health & Family Services: “Most abusers are skilled manipulators and prese3nt extremely well around individuals they wan to impress. It is my opinion that Zachary and Jennifer remain at high risk for further abuse, now that they are in the sole custody of their father.”

Hennepin County Family Court Services, Mr. Jorgenson “Clinically Zachary presents in a cooperative manner. He states he is sad and has through of taking his life. He speaks of taking a kitchen knife and stabbing his father in the stomach. He believes he can over come his fathers size and mobility by jumping from a table or a higher position upon his father before he could escape..’”

Susan DeVries Family Court Services: “I believe that what happened here is that Ms. Collins because of her anxieties, perhaps because of her abuse from Mr. Collins or perhaps because of some internal anxiety, has over responded to remarks the children have made about Mr. Collins or things she may have observed.”

Dr. Cline Court Appointed Reunification Therapist reports “Jennifer: ‘I brought my blanket into the kitchen and he (Mark) never said not to. He hit me strangled me kicked me then he let his wife (Rena Collins) do it. They kicked me so hard I couldn’t walk. I had to crawl to my room… on the phone he said I’m going to come take you and you’ll never see your mom again… Zachary: if we had to go to marks house then I would jump off a bridge because I though t they were going to hurt us; Pin me down to the floor and kick us and hit like they always do… ’”

*Dr Cline testified that court services dictated his role as an advocate reunification therapy and as an advocate for the father’s relationship with his children. He also testified that when the Collins children would confide in him regarding the abuse from their father, Dr. Cline would discourage them from talking about any abuse.

Susan De Vries, Family Court Services: "I believe that at various times Mr. Collins probably said to the children “I’m going to strangle you if you keep that up.” I think there were probably times when he grabbed the children and perhaps even shook them. These are very sensitive youngsters and I think probably were frightened by that."

Susan De Vries Family Court Services: Court Testimony:
Question: “I’m also not entirely clear. I know that you said it is conceivable to you, at least that Mr. Collins did shake his children as a mode of discipline?”

DeVries: “I think that s a possibility because what the children have said.”

Question: “And the children have said that he did shake them by holding their necks. Is that correct?”

DeVries: “Yes”

Question: “And are you saying that that may have happened?”

DeVries: “It may have happened… yes… What I said was that many of the behaviors that the children described are behaviors that a number of parents engage in from time to time but that did not constitute physical abuse.”

Question: “A number of parents engage in shaking their children by the neck.”

DeVries: “Yes”

Glenn Sacks: the trial court did find domestic violence due to a legal error by Mark Collins, who was litigating pro se.

The Court of Appeal concluded that "it cannot be said that the District Court clearly erred finding that domestic abuse occurred between the parties."

“The incident in question occurred at Mark Collins' parents' home. Holly and Mark were play wrestling as they often did because Mark, even though small in stature, had been a successful wrestler. Holly did suffer a nose injury from play wrestling with Mark in 1982. Because Mark made a pro se legal mistake and did not refute Holly's allegations many years later that it was a deliberate act, the District Court had to find domestic abuse, and for technical reasons the Appellate Court could not reverse the lower court's decision.”

In the court transcripts Mark Collins admitted to various abuse: hitting Holly, breaking her nose 2 times, giving her a black eye while ‘wrestling’ dislocating her shoulder in front of their children while ‘fooling around,’ grabbing the children by the neck, threatening the children, etc…

Again Glenn Sacks deliberately misrepresents the appellate court findings. “Finally father argues that the district court erred by finding that there had been domestic abuse between the parties. This issue is not properly before this court because respondent filed no notice of review with this court. Notwithstanding this procedural defect, we conclude that the district courts findings of domestic abuse have a factual basis in the records. Therefore it cannot be said that the district court clearly erred in finding that domestic abuse occurred between the parties.”

Glenn sacks erred by stating that Holly played wrestling with mark as if it was fact. He can not determine how Holly was injured especially since family court services and the judge and the appellate court found domestic violence. Mark Collins even admitted to some of the abuse.

Abuse to children: Court Testimony: January 8 1991:

Attorney: What transpired regarding this allegation that your going to break Zachary’s neck, grabbing him by the neck, allegedly?

Mark: I can’t seem to remember specifically what happened ‘cause I don’t … I have a hard time recalling it… We were just playing … I may have said, ‘I will get you’ or something.’

Broken Nose/facial injuries: Court Transcripts: June 7 1989

Mark Collins: “The two broken noses occurred when we were first married… which was an accident… I rolled over asleep in bed… I don't remember exactly.”

Court transcripts: January 8 1991

Mark Collins: “Her nose was broken maybe twice or three times... I don’t know exactly how many times,... I hit her in the nose… each time that she was pregnant, she had this problem where she had red in her eyes, like her eyes were all bloodshot… I don’t think that she went to the obstetrician claiming that I had hit her.”

12/07/92 Family Court Service Report:

“[Mark} states that Holly has been hurt by him on one occasion when they were wrestling. He states Í elbowed her when we were fooling around. She sought medical attention and I think she had a black eye..."

During the custody trial, Holly Collins accused Mark Collins of dislocating her shoulder. However, family members assert that while growing up, Holly had a shoulder that would periodically pop out of joint.

Holly's father testified that Holly's mother dislocated Holly's shoulder when she was 2 years old when she was mishandling the toddler.

Dislocated Shoulder: Court Transcripts: June 7 1989

Mark Collins: "I don’t remember her having… a dislocated shoulder. If she did it wasn’t caused by me.”

Court transcripts: January 8 1991

Mark Collins: ”Her shoulder was dislocated just fooling around. I don’t know how to explain this.”

Attorney: The dislocated shoulder was a wrestling episode? Was anybody else present during that, do you remember?

Mark Collins: "Just the children. I don’t remember it specifically.”

Mark Collins admitted to hurting Holly in front of the children, just like the children testified!

Family court service report 12/07/92

“[Mark} states 'In Minneapolis she hurt her shoulder/elbow when we were messing around...'
Holly's Concussion/head injury:

Court testimony 06/06/89

Mark: “I don’t remember her having a concussion… If she did it wasn’t caused by me.”

Attorney: “And I think your earlier testimony is that you did not recall and injury – a concussion to [Holly} is that correct?’

Mark: “No”

Family Court Service Report - 12/07/92

“Mark also describes Holly as accident prone, stating she stood up one time, banged her head on the refrigerator door and experienced a concussion…”

Problem #16--Holly Collins claimed that Mark Collins raped her, but her own testimony and assertions contradict this claim.

Holly Collins was explicitly clear that Mark Collins raped her on July 6the 1982 and July 8th 1982 and that he forced her to have sex against her will throughout the years!

Problem #17--There have been seven different judges who have ruled on Holly Collins' custody battles--and all seven of them have ruled against her.

There have been other judges as well who ordered for Holly Collins but Glenn Sacks fails to mention them:

Referee Marybeth Dorn & Judge Steven Z. Lange signed the same document. Ref Dorn had to have a judge's signature. Holly did not appear before Judge Lange.

Judge Michael J. Davis found that Mark Collins was abusive. Judge Davis withdrew when Holly Collins proved that there was corruption in his court.

Judge Charles A. Porter took over Davis Case and said that he was not going to retry the evidence so he continued to enforce his orders.

The Appellate Court had 3 judges working together: Judge Thomas J. Kalitowski, Judge Randolph W. Peterson, Court Judge James C. Harten,

The appellate court order specifically states in bold letters:

A trial courts decision in custody matters will not be reversed unless an abuse of its broad discretion is found. An abuse of discretion will be found if the trial court makes findings unsupported by the evidence or inappropriately applies the law.”

And yet the Appellate court also found: “We find that the district court abused its discretion when it ordered the parties not to release information about the children to third parties and we reverse the districts court order prohibiting either party or their allies or third parties on behalf of a party from 1.) disseminating circulating publishing any information about the minor children 2.) allowing the presence of the minor children or information about the minor children from being circulated recorded or publicized.

Finally father argues that the district court erred by finding that there had been domestic abuse between the parties. The issue is not properly before this court because the respondent filed no notice of review with this court. Not withstanding this procedural defect. We conclude that the districts courts findings of domestic abuse haves a factual basis in the record. Therefore it cannot be said that the district court clearly erred in finding that domestic violence occurred between the parties.

Affirmed in part, reversed in part”

Problem #19--Holly Collins has made contradictory statements about the threats she claimed came from Mark Collins during phone calls.

Holly Collins claimed that Mark Collins threatened her during phone conversations over a period of several months, an accusation she maintains today. Glenn Sacks makes a blatantly statement that Holly made contradictory statements about the threats from Mark, but offers no evidence because it is not true.

Problem #20--Several of the mental health professionals involved in the case described incidents consistent with Mark Collins' assertion that Holly Collins sought to alienate or brainwash the children against him.

Every one of the family therapists, except the reunification therapist concluded that we were abused by their father and that their mother did not influence them.

Dr. Eli Newberger, Boston Children’s Hospital: “The team assembled for this particular assessment includes, in addition to myself,(Eli Newberger,MD., Ceciliea Tatem-Small, LICSW, social worker; Maureen Obrien PhD. psychology fellow; Josie Pandolfino M.Div. and Jan Oldfield MSW… We have had corroborative contacts with the children’s therapists Phillip Reinmherr and Fred Emilianowicz, the mother’s therapist, Susan Hyland Lic SW and Janice Stanly Med. school guidance counselor, the children’s pediatrician, Charles Louden and my colleague Steven Polmar Md. PhD who directs the allergy clinic here… The disclosures of abuse appear to ALL of these observers as well to be valid and Mr. Emilianowicz particularly noted that they were offered spontaneously”

Dr. Philip Reimherr: “I supported his expressing his feelings and basing choices upon his feelings”

Dr. Eli Newberger: “Both Zachary and Jennifer have made statements to members of our evaluation team about specific abusive incidences with their father, Mark Collins. The children’s mother Holly Ann Collins was not in the room when these disclosures were made”

Susan Phipps Yonas “I am concerned that here appears to have been a bias against Mrs. Collins”

Dr. Phillip Reimherr “there is no evidence that Holly Ann has in any way attempted to harm her children”

Problem #22--Dr. Eli Newberger, a pediatrician formerly of Boston Children's Hospital, is one of the few professionals who believed that Holly Collins' claims had some validity. However, Dr. Newberger has been widely criticized for uncritically validating abuse charges.

“The team assembled for this particular assessment includes, in addition to myself,(Eli Newberger,MD., Ceciliea Tatem-Small, LICSW, social worker; Maureen Obrien PhD. psychology fellow; Josie Pandolfino M.Div. and Jan Oldfield MSW… We have had corroborative contacts with the children’s therapists Phillip Reinmherr and Fred Emilianowicz, the mother’s therapist, Susan Hyland Lic SW and Janice Stanly Med. school guidance counselor, the children’s pediatrician, Charles Louden and my colleague Steven Polmar Md. Phd who directs the allergy clinic here… The disclosures of abuse appear to ALL of these observers as well to be valid”

Every one of our family therapists, except the reunification therapist concluded that the Collins children were abused by their father and that their mother did not influence them.

Problem #23--Holly Collins asserts that the mental health problems suffered by then-eight-year-old Zachary Collins resulted from him being agitated after phone calls with his father. However, the record strongly suggests that these problems were brought on by Holly, not Mark Collins.

Glenn Sacks makes this suggestion! However Behavioral Indicators of Child Abuse include habit disorders, specifically head-banging!

When Holly and the children moved to Massachusetts Mark Collins threats became more severe. In a phone conversation Mark Collins threatened 10 year old Zachary that he was going to murder his mom. When Zachary got off the phone he was so terrified and had an emotional break down. He was crying and started banging his head on the floor. Holly panicked and brought him immediately to emergency services. They consulted with Zachary, made contracts with him and arranged therapy. The medical reports state that Zachary confided in them that our father had hurt him and threatened to kill him and that he was genuinely afraid of his father.

Zachary's Therapist: 'During a family therapy session on May 27 1992, Zachary was in an agitated state and banging his head on the floor. I asked Ms. Collins and Jennifer to leave the room so that I could speak with Zachary alone. At this time Zachary admitted that he was not feeling safe… ‘

Witness Statement before visitation: "Zachary was concerned that his father was also going to be present and seemed very reluctant about attending because of this. Holly Ann tried to downplay this issue and instructed Zachary to get ready. Shortly afterwards we heard loud and repetitive thumps coming from downstairs. Holly Ann rushed down to discover that Zachary was violently banging his head against the wall. Holly Ann was able to eventually calm him and called the doctor"

According to Minnesota family court judge Michael J. Davis, Dr. David W. Cline reported that he observed Holly Collins "whispering into Zachary's ear and Zachary immediately went to Dr. Cline's office and reported that he was afraid his father would hurt him and that he would hurt himself."

Holly tried to comfort her children before having to see the reunification therapist, who they were also fearful of.

Zachary was having problems in school, missed 17 days of school during one semester, suffered from what Holly described as severe health issues, and was continually being taken to doctors for medical testing.

Libel! Glenn Sacks personally finds that the Collins children were continually taken to doctors for medical testing. The children had 3 sets of allergy tests from 1987 – 1994! They missed school because we were forced to remain in Minnesota for the court hearing and evaluations.

Problem #30--Holly says that her ex-husband Mark Collins and his allies "had money, power and fancy lawyers. All I had was the truth on my side." In reality, during both the custody trial and the subsequent appeal it was Mark who was litigating pro se, while Holly had an attorney each time.

Holly's stepfather is a high powered attorney and wrote all of Mark Collins legal briefs for him. Holly's mother and step father also hired numerous attorneys to help.

Conclusion: Despite the fact that Holly Collins' claims are disputed by her own mother, grandmother, sister, brother, former in-laws, her ex-husband and his wife, numerous doctors, Guardians ad Litem, social workers, mental health professionals and all seven judges who have heard this case, over the past year Holly Collins has been able to disseminate her side of the case to the media unfettered. There has been little or no effort to look into the other side of the case. I have done so. The closer one looks at Holly Collins' version of events, the more problems one finds.--Glenn Sacks

There are several media outlets who have totally researched the Collins case and the entire court documents. They concluded that the evidence was clear that the court erred. Glenn Sacks prints a one sided libelous article full of misrepresentations, half truths and blatant lies.

Glenn Sacks: A note on blog comments--please keep your comments on topic and respectful. Off-topic personal insults directed at Holly and Jennifer Collins will be deleted without notice.

And yet comment after comments are vicious false statements, condemnation and threats to Holly and her daughter Jennifer. “She broke the law, to jail she must go, with taser blasts guiding the way to her gang rape in the shower.”

Glenn Sacks further goes on to make personal notations in his comment section of this blog.

#16 Glenn Sacks Says: January 27th, 2009 at 1:55 am
Pat--Holly Collins claimed to suffer an extremely large range of injuries and medical problems, which is part of her psychological disorder. (Despite the long list of injuries I listed in Problem

#13, there are many, many more which she claimed in court documents which I didn't list).

During her custody battle years after sustaining the injuries she would claim that these were injuries caused by Mark Collins. Mark Collins sounds confused and clueless when discussing some of these in court because they were never seen as DV incidents by Holly or Mark at the time. One example is the nose injury, which several other family members stated in sworn affidavits was caused by the two of them playfully wrestling. Eight years later, Holly claimed that this was domestic violence by Mark. Mark made a mistake by litigating pro se and not taking the DV accusations seriously until it was too late--a mistake I often see men make.—GS

Libel! Glenn Sacks personally claims that Holly Collins has a psychiatric disorder! Her current psychiatrist (for the last 11 years) and all her prior psychiatric professions denied this! In addition, Holly Collins was never diagnosed with a psychological disorder of this sort. In her whole life Holly Collins was only diagnosed with depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Battered Woman Syndrome!

There are still many more inaccuracies and false statements but I have realized that Glenn Sacks is not worth it. I am not going to let him bully my mother or me any longer.


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