Our Rainbow Family

Rainbow Family

Families come in all sorts & kinds
With different bodies and different minds.

My family is more unique than the rest.
I have to honestly say that mine is the best.

There are 10 children from different lands,
With 20 feet and 20 hands,

A bunch of bodies, eyes, ears and nose,
Over 100 fingers and 100 toes.

A closet of coats and piles of shoes
And kisses and hugs from whoever you choose!

There’s lots of laughs in our family huddles.
I think I’ve had over a million cuddles.

Sometimes there’s a tiff between sister and brother,
But most of all we have fun with another.

A really great time from January to December
My super family is what I’ll always remember.

My mom calls us her “Rainbow Children” with pride.
Our love for each other can not be denied!

My little sister has been chosen to go to the
National Poetry Championship. - Great Job Izzy!

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