Jennifer Collins Responds to Glenn Sacks Lies

First of All, I was the one who was abused! I know what happened to me and I shouldn’t have to prove myself! How would you like it if someone came up with a lie about you from your childhood and said that you couldn’t have possibly remembered it accurately? My brother was 11 and I was 9. We both know exactly what happened to us! The Family Court got it wrong and the employees of the court worked as one entity. So the reunification therapist said that we were happy. – What else would he say? That is what he was being paid for! We were with our abusive father and isolated from our mother for over 18 months. We kept telling court officials that they were still hurting us. They tried to silence us. We were miserable and we ran away.

What about our doctors, therapists, priest, witnesses, etc??? Every single one of them proved that we were abused and they were all disregarded by the family court, and now GS and his followers. I have posted small portions of documents to demonstrate what I am saying. I am not going to humiliate my family by posting the utmost personal and vile abuse, as has done.

Besides it doesn’t matter what I post, GS and his followers will come up with some other lie. For example, Mr. Sacks emphatically said that my brother’s skull was not fractured by my father but rather at an amusement park a year earlier. He was certain of it! I provided the medical records to 100% prove that was not the case. The doctor’s report from that incident (in 1986) clearly state: ‘no broken bones!’ I also provided medical reports/x-ray results from when my father beat up my brother (1987). It clearly states that there was visible swelling of his head and broken bones. Now Glenn Sacks and his followers are coming up with all sorts of other explanations for how this may have happened. They are sure that a wife beater would not do such a thing. Give me a break!

My mother was the first American to receive asylum in the Netherlands. The Dutch ministries did not want to give an American asylum and took 3 long years thoroughly investigating the case. The FBI also researched our case and concluded that my father abused us. The family court even found that my father was violent. But you want everyone to believe that a father’s rights activist is smarter than them all?

What kind of people interfere in someone else’s life, dig up as much information about them, twist the evidence and do everything they can to try to disprove that 2 little children were telling the truth about being abused? It’s pathetic. Why don’t you just mind your own business?

I apologize for the hostility but I am sick and tired of these strangers who think they know more about my own life and my mothers motives than I do!

Our Mom saved us! She gave us a great life, free from violence and full of happiness!

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