Holly Collins Mother to 10 amazing kids!

There are a few fathers’ rights groups who are criticizing my mother for doing whatever she could to protect her children from abuse. They are defending a wife beater who was found to be abusive in a court of law. They support a man who admitted to beating his children severe enough to fracture his son’s skull. They forget that this woman was threatened to be charged with ‘failure to protect’ by child protection if she stayed with this violent man.

My mother should be commended for her accomplishments. She protected her children! She was the first American to be granted asylum in the Netherlands and after a full FBI investigation; all kidnapping charges against her in the United States were dropped! She is raising 10 children by herself (biological and adopted) and all 10 of her of children are excelling. My older brothers and sister have never been in trouble with authorities. We are all working and attending university. I have started my own organization to help protect children from abuse. I was even invited to meet with some members of congress in Washington DC. That was awesome! My little sister is in the selection team in field hockey and has made it to the national poetry contest in 2008 and has just been nominated for finals in 2009 as well. All 3 of my little brothers finished in the top 3 for the regional’s in field/cross cycling for 2008/2009. Our mother’s dedication is rewarded with 10 amazing kids whose performances are all above average.

Thank you Mom for everything you do for us! ~Jennifer

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