Holly Collins A Young Mothers Plea to Protect Her Children (1994)

Hello, My name is Holly-Ann Collins. I would like to stress the importance that my children not be forgotten. It is true that I was treated unjustly by the Court, but what has happened to my children is horrendous. Words can not adequately express their terror. I know that my children are telling the truth about the severity of abuse they endured. I believe my children unequivocally. I will never stop fighting for their safety. I told my children that they must continue to tell the truth. I have to make good on my promise that if they do, someone will help them.

My children are still reporting that they are being abuse but they are scolded by the visitation supervisor and told “you know you are not allowed to talk about those kind of things.”

Please help me help my children. Any means is appreciated; copying and distribution of this packet, letters of support, donations for legal fees, etc…

For more information please contact, Julie Tilley, MN Coalition for Battered Women.

Holly Ann T. Collins ~1993

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