Holly Collins fractured skull/head banging/child abuse

There are total strangers, Glenn Sacks and his followers who are still trying to find ways to disprove that my brother skull was fractured by my father. Our case is a detriment to his cause. Instead of conceding that there are abusive men who manipulate the parental alienation concept to gain custody and futher control their victims, they are doing everything they can to try to disprove that 2 children were abused. First they claim that my brother's skull was fractured at an amusement park. That was easy to disprove with the xray reports from that incident which clearly documented "No broken bones." Then they said that my brother had a birth defect. No medical records at all to support these wild accuasations. Then they said that my mother was alone with him in the house when it happened. My father testified that he was there and he admitted to our priest that he fractured Zachary's skull, but he "didn't realize how hard he was hitting him." (What a guy!) Now they are saying that because my brother started banging his head when he was 10 years old, that is how he somehow fractured his own skull when he was 4. It's so bizare that I refuse to refute every single wild accuasation that these total strangers invent. It is also obvious that children who are abused often bang their head. It is specifically listed as an indicator of child abuse.

"Behavioral Indicators of child abuse: Habit disorders (biting, rocking, head-banging)."

When we moved to Massachusetts my father's threats became more severe. In a phone conversation my father threatened my 10 year old brother Zachary that he was going to murder our mom. When Zachary got off the phone he was so terrified and had an emotional break down. He was crying and started banging his head on the floor. My mother panicked and brought him immediately to emergency services. They consulted with Zachary, made contracts with him and arranged therapy. The medical reports state that Zachary confided in them that our father had hurt him and threatened to kill us and that he was genuinely afraid of our father.

Zachary's Therapist: 'During a family therapy session on May 27 1992, Zachary was in an agitated state and banging his head on the floor. I asked Ms. Collins and Jennifer to leave the room so that I could speak with Zachary alone. At this time Zachary admitted that he was not feeling safe… ‘

Witness Statement before visitation: "Zachary was concerned that his father was also going to be present and seemed very reluctant about attending because of this. Holly Ann tried to downplay this issue and instructed Zachary to get ready. Shortly afterwards we heard loud and repetitive thumps coming from downstairs. Holly Ann rushed down to discover that Zachary was violently banging his head against the wall. Holly Ann was able to eventually calm him and called the doctor"

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