Holly Collins Custody Transfer

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to serve as my affidavit for the period of 12/22/92 through 12/24/92 regarding what I observed and what was said to me by Zachary and Jennifer Collins and Michael London, GAL.

On December 22, 1992 the children were transferred to Mark Collins’ custody. The transfer occurred at my home at approximately 11:30am on December 22nd, 1992.

Jennifer Collins was hysterical! She was clutching her mother and sobbing uncontrollably. She had to be literally torn from her mother and physically carried outside to Mark Collins by Michael London, GAL as she was incapable of moving under her own power. I cannot even imagine anything traumatizing this child more than being carried out to someone that she was so terrified to be with!

Zachary Collins was perhaps even more disturbing to see, as he was totally devoid of all emotion. He could not speak, or even move without being prodded. He walked out of my home as if he were a ‘Zombie.’ His movements were stiff and stilted and it was as if he was willing himself to even breathe. I, to this day, have nightmares about his – I fear for the children’s safety.

On December 24, 1992, I was the ‘visitation supervisor’ for Holy Ann Collins and Zachary and Jennifer. The children arrived and I observed they both had large dark circles under their eyes and looked ill. Zachary was still devoid of emotion, incapable of any normal response. I asked Zeke (Zachary) if he was feeling okay and he just shrugged his shoulders – although there was a great deal of food at my home, treats, etc… the children did not eat. I asked them if they’ve been eating and Jennifer said: ‘No, We’re afraid. He’s so mean!’ A little while later ‘Fi-Fi’ (Jennifer) said that Mark was ‘hurting us.’ She told me that ‘Mark squeezed my arms up here,’ (indicating near her shoulders) ‘Real Hard, Real Hard and picked me up from the floor.’ I asked what she meant by being ‘picked up’ and she explained that Mark lifted her off the ground while he was squeezing her arms. She said ‘I told him, you’re hurting me.’ She said ‘he squeezed Zeke too and hurt him.’ I asked Zeke if Mark hurt him and he nodded his head ‘Yes.’ I asked Jennifer when this happened and she said ‘not last night, the night before.’ That would be December 22, 1992, the very day Mark Collins was awarded custody! I asked the kids if they told anyone else about this. Jennifer said she told Dr. Cline yesterday and he said ‘Oh.’ Then Fi-fi said ‘he (Dr. Cline) doesn’t care.’

In conclusion, I want to attest to the fact that Holly Ann was calm and reassuring to the children on both of the above mentioned occasions. Michael London, the GAL told me when we spoke on the phone the afternoon of December 23rd, 1993 that Holly ‘really conducted herself very well yesterday’ (the day of the transfer.) Michael London also told me that he would be in constant contact with the children. He told me this on December 22 1992 in my home and on the phone on December 23 1992. He also told me at my home December 22, 1992 that he and Jennifer Royer would be following up to make sure Mark and Rena attended counseling (referring to the court order dated 12/22/92.)

It is my understanding that as of today, February 6, 1993, neither Michael London, GAL or anyone else from family court services has met with the children.”
Terry Dunham 02/15/93

Terry Dunham was immediately dismissed as being a visitation supervisor for expressing her concerns regarding the safety of the Collins children.

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