Holly Collins Little Boy's skull was fractured in 1987

I have received mails from anonymous bloggers who ignore all of the evidence and give their uninformed opinion that they do not believe that my father abused us. Some are trying to convince me that my mother brainwashed us. Others have said that even if my father was abusive, my mother should have just accepted it and left us with him. WHAT??? That is so bizare!

They are determined to make this into a father's rights issue above all else, even the safety of children. My mother can't win either way. First my mom was threatened with "Failure to Protect" because she didn't leave the guy who was beating her and her children. Then she was blamed with being too "over protective" because she was afraid of the man who beat her and her children. Now there are total strangers tying to claim that she brain washed us to believe that we were abused by the man who beat her and her children. It doesn't make any sense. They are even sending me exerpts from the evidence taken out of context when I have the whole, complete reports before me.

They most controversial issue appears to be that they contend that since Zachary was in an accident in New Hampshire (when we were on vacation) at some point in his life, our father couldn't have possibly abused him at a later date at home. I don't understand their failure to comprehend facts and logic. Their information is distorted, even false. Do they honestly just 'don't get it' or are they deliberately deceptive? These simple minds keep insisting that my brother's fractured skull was a result of an accident at an amusement park. Once again, as simple and as clear as possible! There are two different incidents and two different reports!

1.) Boston -1986
2.) Minneapolis – 1987

The accident at Canobie Lake Amusement Park (New Hampshire – 1986) caused closed head trauma. It did not cause any broken bones at all! Over a year later, my father beat him and he was treated for acute swelling of the head (Minneapolis – 1987.) They did x-rays again at that time and they confirmed that his skull was broken! That is when Zachary’s skull was fractured not the year before. The x-rays are as clear as can be!

It’s is coincidental that we have both records from 1986 and 1987. We can clearly prove when the bone was broken! You can not twist the facts. My brother’s skull was clearly broken in 1987!

Report 1.) 1986 Boston:

Report 2.) 1987 Minneapolis

Okay people think good about this! My brother was in an accident at an amusement park. He had a closed head injury. NO broken bones! Tom Gallagher advised my father and mother to call a collegue of his for advice. The park made a settlement. Case closed!!!

Over a year later my father beat up my mother and my brother and slammed my brother into the wall. My brother's head was swollen. They did x-rays immediately because my brothers head was swelling and he was obviously in distress. The x-rays confirmed that my brothers skull was broken.

Because of this injury, child protection forced my mother to take us and move away from our father or she would be charged with failure to protect.

So... again for the last time:

My brother's skull was not fractured in 1986!
My brother's skull was fractured in 1987!

It is so obvious to see that some people are twising the truth to try to cover up child abuse!

This will not work any longer, with this incident or any of the other incidents.

Mark Jude Collins from Maple Grove Minnesota is a wife beater/child abuser. Mark Collins fractured the bones in his little boys head.

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