Eleanor Gallagher Threatens Holly Collins Sister

My mother's sister has also testified that Tom Gallagher sexually abused her when she was a child. Now the Gallaghers are threatening her as well to keep the dirty secret.

Tuesday, January 27 2009 9:11AM
Holly found in Contempt of Court

Attached (just click on the attachment above) are the orders from the MN Court finding Holly in contempt for violating the orders issued by Judge Porter. It appears that Holly maybe in a lot trouble for not abiding by the orders…

This is just a reminder that in your case... all the records have been sealed and the Court Ordered states: " That there be not reproduction of or reference to any materials contained within the records on file with the Court in this matter or with the aforesaid agencies/persons, his/her agent, or any agency absent a Court Order to the contrary."

…if you, or Michael... or your father, or Holly Collins, violate the court order cited above, I will bring the matter before the court and request charges of Contempt of Court be brought against anyone who violates the order.

Have a good day!
Love, Mom

It is important to remember that all criminal charges pertaining to deprivation of parental rights have been dismissed. The district attorney has agreed that she will not bring criminal charges against my mother pertaining to my little brother. Minnesota doesn't even have jurisdiction in my little brother's custody case. Judge Porter's order is worthless!

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