Eleanor Gallagher (Holly Collins' Mother) Admits to Abusive Family

"Dear Holly ... I view life very differently from you. For example, when I was young, my mother worked at night and I stayed alone when I came home from school. My mother punished us by hitting us with my father's razor strap (Dad was rarely home, since he worked in NJ)...and when she hit us kids, we had black and blue bruises for a month. Our toilet was an outhouse until I was 13 years old and we had to haul our drinking water in milk cans from the spring. Never once, did I have a friend stay over because I was so ashamed of the way we lived. But my mother did the best she could under those circumstances...at that time. My mother never said she was sorry, nor have I ever asked her to say she was sorry...Hopefully, you can understand that Gram did the best that she could do in raising me...I did the best that I could do in raising you...and you will do the best that you can for your own children. None of us will even be close to perfection! ... Love Mom"

Oh Yes... this is the same (my) great grandmother who supposedly wrote/signed an affidavit that Holly was never abused by Eleanor. Hmmm.... see a pattern anyone?

After everything that my mother's mother has done, my mom still feels bad for her because she is also a battered woman still trapped with her abuser.

Grandmother, when you are ready to tell the truth we will be here for you! ~love Jennifer

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  1. How do you prove the abuse when the police cover it up? Where I liive, there is no violence against women and children. Rape does not exist, and molestation of children is an accepted way of life. Just look at the rulings of the judges. 17 rapes by a single man are excused with one night in jail. (Later, convicted of the same rapes in another juristiction when the case had to be removed from the same judge who still occupies the bench). Child rape charges dropped (rapist got 7 years on much lesser charges against the same child) Years to get a known child rapist arrested (No jail time, he was a cop and jail was too dangerous for him).