Thomas & Eleanor Gallagher vs Holly Collins

Our quiet shy 22 year old mother(Holly Collins) didn't stand a chance against the almighty Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher who she testified abused her when she was a child.

What is an abused child to do when her parents are so wealthy and powerful?

My mother contacted her biological mother last year to try to get some answers or an apology of some sort. It's so sad that she is still struggling to come to terms with the abuse she suffered.

"Good Morning Mother,

Do you really want to get into this???? What about the time you were standing there, holding up my bloody underwear in Grandmothers kitchen when I was 10 years old????? Do you honestly want me to believe that you have forgotten that incident?

I know it must hurt. I know you don’t want to talk about it. I understand that, but WHAT ABOUT ME???? I was your child. You were supposed to protect me!!! Instead you said I was a dirty little girl. How could you???

How do you know what happened in my bedroom in Windham? My bedroom was downstairs next to his office. Where was your husband when you were upstairs lying in bed with your migraines???? You can say that you don’t know what to believe but don’t you dare say that I am lying!!!! Your husband abused me when I was a child and you are still trying to cover it up! What about Michelle? She told you that Tom also abused her. Both of your daughters!!! You can not hide from the truth anymore. I pray to God that you are protecting my sister’s daughter from that pervert. I swear on my own life that he will never touch my daughters.

I keep trying to forgive you for everything that happened. You are my mother and I love you. I keep trying to find a way to prove to you that I was telling the truth then and I am still trying to convince you of it now. I know that your husband’s money is more important to you than your own children. I am waiting for his funereal for you to finally be free to face the truth.

The judge found that Mark beat me. You saw the injuries yourself. You knew that he was beating me, from the very beginning when he put me in the hospital 3 times the first month we married. Why are you siding with a wife beater? Is it just to make sure that no one will believe me and your secret will be safe? I always thought everything was my fault. You had me convinced that it was. You said that I was not lovable, “Hell not even likable.” Do you remember those words? They have haunted me my whole life.

I know I am a weakling. I know you hated that about me. I am trying to be strong now. I want to scream from the roof tops everything that happened to be, but I am still so damn ashamed. You won to an extent…. I will never reveal everything. It’s too horrifying. I don’t need to embellish, the truth is worse than fiction.

Your daughter,

Let all the records be unsealed! Let the truth be known!

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