Holly Collins: Protective Parent

It is interesting watching the panic from some of the Father’s Rights guys! I have decided to not visit their sites any longer. It’s so depressing how they can condone child abuse. Now they are writing to me, over and over again. Some are well intentioned, though misguided: offering to deprogram me, and win me over by showing only partial pieces of evidence. Some of them are disgusting and disturbing. Just look at the old posts on those sites saying that women should be punished by being raped. What kind of people are these guys?

If you look at the information posted about us on the other sites, you can see that the depositions are only partial and lacking crucial information. That is the difference between my father and my mother. My father is supplying people with only half of the information. My mother went with me to the Hennepin County Court house to get the rest of the records. I have 10 boxes containing all of the court records. It is taking me quite a bit of time, but I am exposing the truth one piece at a time. I am not going to stop until I can help protect children from Court Appointed Child Abuse. “CA-CA”

I want to see what went wrong. How could this have happened? I want to know what mistakes my mother made and why she couldn’t protect us from my father’s abuse. I want to know how the court failed us. They knew he was abusing us. They covered it up. WHY?

If you study the affidavits, you can assume that they were not written separately by all these various people. They look like the work of the Gallagher’s. Tom Gallagher is a hot shot attorney who used to work for Honey-Well. When my mother and her sister came forward about being sexually abused by Tom Gallagher, he did everything possible to try to distract attention away from these crimes.

Look at the affidavits posted on the other sites; from my illiterate, demented great grandmother, a former landlord, my handicapped aunt, my grandparents and even the local homeless guy, they are all written in the same legal style. Where would a homeless guy get a computer? How could my great grandmother sign a document when she was demented and couldn’t read or write?

We just received a written threat from my grandparents (Gallaghers) that if I release any of the documents substantiating sexual abuse indicating Tom Gallagher, then they will drag my mother into court. Why my mother? She is not involved in this? I found these records myself. I am going to do my best to find out the truth about an alleged child molester. They don’t want the truth exposed.

What about my other grandparents? My mother's father and his wife? They are my real grandparents, the only ones who have even been concerned about our physical safety. My Grandmother is a Reputable State Representative. They knew we were telling the truth. They were with us at the United States Capital in Washington D.C. and were invited to speak with various congressmen as well. They wrote affidavits too! Why aren’t their affidavits posted on these sites?

So many people of those FR’s guys are praising my father and his horrible wife, Mark and Rena Collins (from Maple Grove, Minnesota.) I even heard that they were hailed by a few as being upstanding citizens. That self admitted alcoholic (Rena Peters Collins) has a criminal record and was just arrested again for drunk driving! She has 3 kids at home, why is she still driving drunk? (This isn’t her first arrest.)

I still find it unbelievable that people are claiming that my memories from the past are not my own. I was over 9 years old when we left. My brother was 11. We know what my father and his wife did to us. We weren’t allowed to be alone with our mother for over 18 months. We weren’t allowed to write to her, talk to her on the phone or see her alone. Mark and Rena Collins tried their best to succeed at this so called “Parental Alienation” themselves. They told us that our mother didn’t love us anymore and that she didn’t want us. 18 months, day in and day out, being told that our mother was crazy and abandoned us. We never went that long with such protection from our father, and yet we ran away to escape his abuse. Thank God our mother was there.

I’m glad that the truth is coming out! It’s only time until everything is revealed. Why in the world do you think that the United States FBI and the Netherlands Ministries of Justice stood by my mother? Her children were telling the truth about the abuse and she did everything reasonable to try to protect us.

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