Holly Collins: Medical Records 1982- 1983

My mother and father were married on December 5 1982. Within the first month of marriage my mother was treated in the emergency room 3 times for suspicious injuries. My father admitted to breaking my mother's nose 3 times. He cited this event as one of the examples even though her nose was not broken at this time. (It happened later when he was in the military and we lived in Texas.)

December 30 1982:
January 1 1983:
January 4 1983:
Mark Collins Court Testimony June 7 1989:
The two broken noses occurred when we were first married in my parents’ house, which was an accident, which many people roll about. I rolled over asleep in bed…

Mark Collins Court Testimony: January 8 1991:
“Her nose was broken maybe twice or three times... I don’t know exactly how many times, but it occurred when we were first married and I rolled over in the bed... and I hit her in the nose… each time that she was pregnant, she had this problem where she had red in her eyes, like her eyes were all bloodshot… I don’t think that she went to the obstetrician claiming that I had hit her.”

2009: And yet now my father is claiming that my mother's nose was injured during "wrestling" My mother (who they say was 5 months pregnant at the time) supposedly liked to "pig pile" on her husband (a New Hampshire State Wrestling Champion) and that is how Mark Collins claims that his 5 month pregnant wife's eye and nose were injured. Hmmm.....

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