Parental Alienation Boards Making Distinctions

Dear Jennifer

I am on the board of parental alienation awareness organization. BUT before you make assumptions… It’s important for people to become aware of the harm caused to children - and the utter obviousness of certain tactics and behaviors which display "textbook" battering mentality.

I think it's pure ignorance to think that emotional abuse is not the foundation of all other abuse - but there's no protection from it.

To alienate a child from a parent involves lies and coercion and exploits the child for selfish reasons.

To protect a child from emotional terror is completely different.

The fact that the man attempted to accuse your mother of being unfit AND forced her to undergo "supervised" visitation is ultimately a desire to remove her honor and strip her of her dignity and without a doubt, he would have attempted to keep convincing you that she didn't love you or want you and you would have been taught to feel "wrong" or guilty for loving her - and deserve punishment.

After reading city pages, I told my friend what I thought the main point is, but no one sees! What kind of "father" would want to turn his children's life completely inside out and upside down, removing them from the primary (only) parenting they have ever had?

No one is paying attention to how scared the children are to "leave" home and to "lose" home as they know it. This isn't about parent's RIGHTS over children, it's about the Children's RIGHTS to be whole to be safe to be happy to be free...

If your father could only say "I request the dropping of the charges because I don't want my children beset with the burden of witnessing their mother's suffering...I understand she was scared and the children were scared and I'm sorry I couldn't find a way to meet all of our needs in a different way. I'm thankful that we can begin now and I will do my best to help heal all the wounds, for all of us..."

Wouldn't that be beautiful? Why doesn't he? Wouldn't it be a wonderful way to prove to the world that he does not have evil intent?

Your mother didn't want him to be put in jail - even after what he did - because she didn't want you to have the burden of it - she just wanted to have peace - to get all of you out of it!