Glenn Sacks Stop Attacking Victims of Child Abuse!

The Collins family has been through hell and back, starting with the Hennepin County, Minnesota Family Courts tearing them apart and putting Jennifer and Zachary in the custody of their abusive father, whom they had to flee to Amsterdam to gain the safety that the U.S. could not provide them. Holly Collins was the first American to receive asylum in Europe, not something the US should be proud of.

A Mother should NOT have to flee from America, the home of the free and the brave, to protect her children from abuse that was proven and substantiated!

This month she won her case against the charges from her fleeing for safety with the children against all court orders. Now she's faced with a new challenge of possibly loosing her minor son, who has not lived in the US since he was a baby and has had limited contact with his father since then.

This family needs continued support in all that they are going through. Please send them your prayers and support. Action Alerts will be issued when the need arises.

Holly Ann Collins story and updates on UAADV.

Please Doneate to the Collins Family to help them with their expenses so that they can pay for all the court costs that are accruing. Please don't let Holly loose her son because she can't afford the legal costs of fighting for him from Europe!

Any donations go directly to the Collins Family, and UAADV does not profit from it nor do we touch any funds sent to the Collins from this account or any other.

If you have a story of a loved one that has lost the fight against Domestic Violence, please share it with us. We would like to continue sharing the stories in hope that others will see just what Domestic Violence is, a travesty that must end.

If you are a Non-Custodial Mother, and would like support, or can share your case file, please contact us. You are NOT alone.......

If you are a Victim or Survivor of Domestic Violence, and you have not received the help that you needed, or did not gain justice through the courts, please, let us know. We must work together to bring about a change, and the only way to do that is to show the problem.

Enough is ENOUGH! Together, we CAN and WILL make a difference!

A victim's first scream is for help: a victim's second scream is for justice."-
Carol Anika Theill