From Glenn Sacks Own Follower

Lisa KS Says:
December 29th 2008

Okay, this is it. Eww! I'm sorry, Glenn, but this is so gross, I can't do this anymore. At all!

You've printed many stories since I first started reading your blog about kids who talk about how their mother unfairly alienated them from their father, etc., and never once have you suggested that your readers investigate any of them to ascertain whether or not they were telling the "truth." And yes, Jennifer Collins has every right to be offended--you're running right over her by saying you have "no idea" what happened between her and her father, because she's clearly willing to say what did, and she is twenty-three years old...not three, not thirteen--twenty-three...and you are acting as if she doesn't exist--you pointedly did not contact her at all.

You take the word of any other long as that twenty-three-year-old is claiming that he or she was abused, abducted or kidnapped wrongly by his or her mother. And if the father is asking you to do this, you've been remarkably silent about that--it really appears that you personally just hate the existence of this story and are determined to crush it underfoot--putting up some diatribe from someone who is only willing to identify him or herself by initials who claims that during supervised visits, they got the real idea of what was going on..?