Listen to the Children by Frederick Mathews

While women have been struggling to get out from under the stigma that they are at the mercy of their hormones, males are being accused of being at the mercy of testosterone. [Frederick Mathews, The Invisible Boy]

Children shouldn’t have to flee the country to avoid child abuse

“Jennifer Collins’ mother Holly was forced to take her children to the Netherlands to escape their abusive father. ”

I’ve written here before about children who are abused. That was the main thrust of my opening post: listen to the children, and make a record of every report. Here we have a mother who felt she had to abscond with her kids to flee abuse.

Holly took Jennifer and her brother into hiding in 1994 after the children reported abuse by their father. Declarations from doctors, social workers and psychologists confirmed the children’s claims and recommended against the children being in their father’s care, but the family court judge ordered the children be placed in the father’s custody.

It’s unconscionable that kids would be returned to an abusive household where abuse has been confirmed. A child in such a situation learns an important lesson: the cops are worthless, and sometimes harmful. I’ve cited The Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology showing that abuse and neglect were more common in the backgrounds of serial killers.

Here we see the response from so called professionals - doctors, psychologists, and social workers confirmed the abuse. In divorce cases, the mother is still presumed to be the one who should have custody of the kids, unless there is a well made case that she is abusive. The judge not only did nothing (which would be allowing this presumption to be his guide) - he ruled against that mother and gave custody to the dad.

This from the daughter:

The judge said that there was not enough evidence to prove a pattern of abuse to us kids. Did you hear that? “Pattern!” There was ‘only one’ Fractured skull and a few other minor injuries, but they were isolated incidents and not necessarily a clear consistent pattern!

I’d have fled the country too.