January 14 2009 - Judge Porter Crosses the Ethical Line Again!

Judge Porter has done it again!!!

With utter outrage I am trying to control myself. My mother just received a letter from Judge Porter in the mail. It includes a Bench Warrant for her arrest! Judge Porter is insisting on trying to hold my mom in jail for 6 months with No Bond and No Bail. Why would he do something like this? Is this even legal? Judge Porter has no jurisdiction in this case at all. How can he issue orders like this? It is pure harassment! He has lost absolutely all credibility.

How in the world can Jeff Imm do this to his son? He still hasn't visited the boy one time in the last 2 years. He refuses to speak to Christopher on the phone and the last time Christopher spoke with him, he hung up on him. As of this moment, negotiations are officially ceased. Christopher has just informed my mother that he wants nothing to do with his biological father anymore!

And those father’s rights guys want to know how Parental Alienation comes about! - Here is a good example of how a parent’s own behavior causes him to alienate himself against his own child!