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Ewww... Domestic violence survivors attacking another survivor!

You know... I was very upset when I first saw this article and I felt that I had to defend every single inaccuracy. I'm sorry I got caught up in the frenzy. These two women say that they are also domestic violence survivors and have lost custody of their children to their abusers. They are self proclaimed victims of Parental Alienation. They must be hurting inside and have decided to lash out because they don't know where else to turn. Instead of attacking them personally, as they have done, I will try to be understanding. I admit that I am still very sensitive in defending our case and I want to make sure that the truth is not compromised by someone's misguided, misinformed manipulation on the facts in our case.

Children Need Both Parents

"Sister Charity, It will certainly be interesting to see what shall come of this. Thank you for all the hard work you helped me with in doing research on this very long and lengthy story. I certainly hope and pray that all those involved will get the help they need and those who are in position to provide help, will do so without judgment, for the purpose of healing, and no other reasons but to help those who have been hurt by this situation. With much love, Sister Julia"

We've spent a lot of time researching the Holly Collins Case. We've read articles and blogs written by her daughter, Jennifer. We've watched news coverage and Youtube Videos about her situation. We have also heard from others that have personal knowledge of the situation. After a lot of research, reaching out to others that are involved in this case, and many hours of prayer we've decided to share our findings and opinions with others, but before we share that opinion we feel that it is only fair to make the following statements.
(What would make someone go dig into someone else's life who they know nothing about? Don't they have enough to do in their own life?)

As survivors of Domestic Violence we recognize that Domestic Violence is a very serious and dangerous problem that can end in death, but we also know that the use of false claims makes it harder for real victims to get the help that is needed. As survivors of Parental Alienation and Targeted Parents we are very aware that Parental Alienation does exist and we also know that there have been false claims of Parental Alienation used to gain custody just as there have been false claims of Domestic Violence to gain custody. Again we are of the opinion that false claims makes it very hard for the true victims to get help and should be exposed as false as quickly as possible.

We cannot say with 100% certainty that Domestic Violence did or did not occur during Holly's marriage to Mark Collins, (The judge found it himself!) but we can say that we are pretty sure that Holly Collins is indeed an alienator and is need of professional help. (By their definition… is an alienator is someone who tries to protect their children from abuse?) Now, we are very aware of how unpopular this opinion will be and we may even get some very nasty remarks made about us, our ministries, or even receive threats, but we feel that it is necessary to address this issue and we will publish any threatening email that we receive in it's entirety including all contact information for everyone to read.
(Ministries? Why in the world would women who claim to be abused attack a fellow victim?)

Why would we say that we believe that Holly Collins is an alienator? Well, during our many hours of research we found several red flags in Holly and Jennifer's stories. What qualifies us to make this statement? The answer is simple. We have over 50 years of experience of dealing Parental Alienation as both children & adults. This experience allows us to help others and to see things that others that do not know much about Parental Alienation may miss.
(Over 50 years? How old are these women?)

Holly Collins talks an awful lot about how she has been wronged and abused by others, but you never hear her speak about being wrong or taking responsibility for her part in relationship difficulties. In fact she seems to make claims of abuse against & vilifies anyone who disagrees with her. It is obvious by these examples and many others that one can easily look up online that Holly Collins finds it much easier to place all the blame for her relationship problems on them instead of being honest and accepting that she too had a role in the failure or hard feelings from these relationships.
(Look at an interview Holly gave… “I’ll take the blame for marrying the guy or for not leaving sooner.” Holly’s letter “I feel as though I should apologize. Maybe for not being a good enough person or for not readily admitting how my face was bruised or bones broken. Maybe if I would have tried a little bit harder he wouldn’t have had to beat me. Maybe if I was smarter I wouldn’t have fallen in love with someone like him. Maybe if I was stronger I would have left sooner.”)

Holly Collins has also shown a total disregard for the Court's Authority and has even used quasi political groups to further her agenda of keeping the children from their fathers and other family members.
(The Judge found domestic violence!!! Holly kept her 2 children from a child abuser! Holly has tried over and over again to get the younger boy's father involved in his life. That is not behavior of alienation.)

Holly Collins needs to respect the court's authority not ignore it. Don't commit a crime unless you're willing to do the time. Her use of the quasi political groups makes it even more difficult for true victims to receive the help they need.
(Holly fully accepted responsibility. That is why she went to the United States and turned herself in when the Dutch authorities urged against it because she was granted indefinite asylum in Europe!)

Holly has also made claims that she wishes to keep Christopher (Chip) out of the media and makes complaints about Beth Imm defending her family, but you can read emails between and about Christopher and Jeff Imm online. These are not the actions of a concerned mother trying to protect her minor child from exposure to the media. These are the actions of an alienator. There is no difference between Holly and Jennifer Collins speaking to the media about this case than Jeff or Beth Imm speaking to the media about this case.
(The difference is that Holly doesn’t lie about it! I take full responsibility to responding to all the lies Beth Imm has posted about me, my mother and my brothers. If you look at all of the records, you will see that Holly kept Christopher out of the media. Beth Imm, the jealous wife of Christopher’s biological father was the one who posted the boys information over and over again in violation of a court order. How do you justify that? Now Christopher, not Holly, who is 16 years old has decided to defend his own decision not to go with his biological father.)

Rob Owens (involved with Holly in 1991-92) said “that Holly would have Zeke (Zachary) chant “I am worthless” and he was subject of the wrath she had for men.
(This is totally false and easily proved. You are opening up yourselves to a slander suit! Rob Owens was a homeless man Holly felt bad for and gave food to. He took advantage of her kindness and hung around outside her door. Holly eventually had to call the police to remove this man on several occasions. How much money did he get for writing this false statement?)

From Bob Conners {Holly’s landlord from the fall of 1991 to Dec. of 1992. He saw Zachary walking in a circle for long periods of time chanting “For the love of God, for the love of body” while Holly would just sit and watch him.
(Bob Conners was a violent man who was charged with murdering his own father. Holly was terrified of him and got an order of protection against him. Again another scum suddenly writes an affidavit with false statements against this woman. Who sought him out? What was his motive?)

Holly Collins has used many tactics to keep people out of her children's lives when they have disagreed with her or chosen to move on. She has interfered with phone contact, denied visitation, shared court & relationship information with her children, used therapists that have not had contact with the other parent for evaluations and art therapy, and restraining orders.
(It’s just not true! Holly tried to protect her children from abuse. Plain and Simple!)

Holly Collins needs to accept responsibility for her actions in this mess. Not once has she done so. It's always someone else's fault and she's always the victim.
(Again… Holly’s own words: “I feel as though I should apologize. Maybe for not being a good enough person or for not readily admitting how my face was bruised or bones broken. Maybe if I would have tried a little bit harder he wouldn’t have had to beat me. Maybe if I was smarter I wouldn’t have fallen in love with someone like him. Maybe if I was stronger I would have left sooner.”)

Alienators are very manipulative and very convincing. They are some of the best actors out there. Holly Collins is using a lot of people that could be helping real victims to help further her agenda. Don't take our word for it. Do a quick Google Search for yourself. Ask yourself why Holly would object to Jeff & Beth Imm talking to the press when that seems to be all she and Jennifer do. Seems a little one sided to us. The longer that Holly Collins is allowed to tell her lies the more damage she does to the true victims of abuse.
(Holly is a victim of domestic violence. The Amnesty International Doctor couldn’t believe all of the injuries to her and my brother! There are very few statements to the public from my mother. Holly is a shy, private person! Me and my brothers are the ones who are making sure the truth is exposed. For months May – August, Beth and Jeff Imm posted lie after lie about my mother and us kids. My mother didn’t make one response. My brothers and I couldn’t take it anymore because people like you were criticizing my mother’s silence as an admission of guilt. She can’t win either way with people like you.)

As for her children , Jennifer obviously believes what she's saying and doing is right-it's not that unusual for a person that grew up in the toxic environment that she did. We are concerned that if she discovers the truth for herself one day that she will be overwhelmed with guilt and anger. We will continue to keep her and her siblings as well as the targeted family members in our prayers.
(Are you honestly concerned about me? Then what you are doing is so wrong! I told my mother that my father was hurting me. I always thought that it was all my fault! My brother and I told our mom about the abuse. She believed us. The doctors told my mother that our injuries were consistent with abuse. The judge found abuse. My father put my mother in the hospital so many times. We have at least 14 separate medical records. My father broke the bones in my brother’s skull. How much more evidence do you need?)

Holly Collins is a deeply disturbed woman and we will be praying that she will be led to the help she very desperately needs so that she can help her children and make amends to those that she has hurt.
(These are really yucky people, trying to capitalize on others pain. They were probably contacted by Beth Imm. Beth and Jeff are part of this new ‘born again Christian' group. This is such bull. If someone wants to do an honest search, go to the court house and go through all of the evidence. That is how Beth Walton started her investigation and look what she concluded.)

(Something definitely worth mentioning... Someone, a 57 year old MAN on the same site as these two women is supporting our mother! Yes... children deserve two parents; Loving, Kind, Non Abusive Parents!)

Please help this couragous family. =PETITION=
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Fourteen years ago, in a desperate and courageous act to protect her children from abuse, Holly Collins "went underground" and fled the country with her three young children after the Minneapolis Family Court ruled that they must live with their father, who had fractured Zachary's skull. Now Holly and her adult children want to come home...