Holly Collins Letter to Battered Women Advocates

What would you do if this little girl told you someone was hurting her?

Would you believe her? I did too! ~Holly Collins

Dear Advocates,

Jennifer just called me to tell me that Glenn Sacks just published an attack against our family. I think it is really sad that she is so upset. What do I do? Jennifer can’t just leave it because she says that he makes us look untrustworthy. I can prove everything, but I am so tired. Of course I will do anything for my daughter if you think it is helpful.

Jennifer asked: Why would Glenn Sacks do this?” It’s obvious by his opening line. “The Holly Collins custody/parental abduction case is perhaps the most prominent custody case in the media at this moment.” Glenn Sacks is an opportunist. He wants the fame and fortune and he has found another way to try to thrust him self into the spotlight.

I feel like I am being pulled back into my past. It seemed like every time I turned around Mark started another lie to cover up his abuse and my biological mother, step father and even some court personnel did everything to try discredit me. They had money, power and fancy lawyers. All I had was the truth on my side. I have to be honest… the truth is so ugly I’d rather be lying or crazy!

I would really appreciate your advice.


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