Glenn Sacks Attacks Domestic Abuse Victims

Glenn Sacks Is Attacking Us Again!!! Can you believe it?

I don't even know where to begin to express my disgust in Glenn Sacks and his followers. They will not accept one bad word against our abusive father. Mr. Sacks has set out to disprove that my brother and I were telling the truth when we confided in our mother that our father was beating us. Glenn Sacks has taken facts from our case out of context and twisted them to try to discredit my mother. What a low blow, attacking a quiet, shy, beaten down battered woman. Shame on you, Glenn Sacks!

I am in the process of proving again that my father abused us. Right now I feel as if I am being abused all over again. Why would anyone man/woman set out to destroy an abuse victim they don't even know? My mother also made it clear that she did not want to relive the sexual abuse from when she was a child. Her sister also wanted to just try to heal from the abuse. Now Glenn Sacks has dug into their private pain. What kind of a person would do this?I just can't believe it all!

My dad beat me! He really did! My mom believed me. She protected me. I want to help protect other kids from abuse from either parent. I wasn't taking a side. The organizations who try to protect victims of domestic violence have been most supportive, even when I have divulged mistreatment from a woman (my father's new wife.) Yet Glenn Sacks and another anonymous Father's Rights advocate have launched a dirty campaign to try to defend a known wife beater. Why would they do this? Are they also wife beaters and child abusers?

I want to make it quite clear that there are several reputable father's rights organizations which support us. We all agree that children deserve both loving parents! An abusive parent (mother or father) should not be allowed to manipulate various causes to conceal the abuse of a child!

How do I go about getting this horrible man, Glenn Sacks to leave my family alone?


The Controversial Holly Collins Custody Case--My Findings
January 26th, 2009 by Glenn Sacks

The Holly Collins custody/parental abduction case is perhaps the most prominent custody case in the media at this moment. Holly Collins and her supporters among domestic violence and feminist advocates assert that the case demonstrates that family courts are biased against battered women and favor abusive men. Below I take a look at the evidence in the case.
Holly Collins and Mark Collins had two children, Zachary (born April, 1983) and Jennifer (born May, 1985), before getting divorced in 1990. After the divorce, there was a highly contentious custody battle, during which Holly Collins repeatedly alleged that Mark Collins had abused both her and the children. Holly Collins moved the children to Massachusetts in 1991 but the court found that she was denying Mark Collins' contact with the children and ordered that they return to Minneapolis in June, 1992.

Mark Collins claimed that Holly was interfering and obstructing his relationship with his children, and attempting to alienate the children from him. Holly Collins drew support from the Minneapolis domestic violence community, and the case drew considerable media attention...

Conclusion: Despite the fact that Holly Collins' claims are disputed by her own mother, grandmother, sister, brother, former in-laws, her ex-husband and his wife, numerous doctors, Guardians ad Litem, social workers, mental health professionals and all seven judges who have heard this case, over the past year Holly Collins has been able to disseminate her side of the case to the media unfettered. There has been little or no effort to look into the other side of the case.
I have done so. The closer one looks at Holly Collins' version of events, the more problems one finds.--Glenn Sacks, 1/27/09

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