Is Glenn Sacks Stalking Domestic Abuse Victims?

Glenn Sacks will not accept when batterers are exposed. My mother was battered by my father. The court found it! Yet Glenn Sacks has set out to defend a known wife beater!

Holly Collins Responds
January 27th, 2009 by Glenn Sacks

Background: The Holly Collins custody/parental abduction case is perhaps the most prominent custody case in the media at this moment. Holly Collins and her supporters among domestic violence and feminist advocates assert that the case demonstrates that family courts are biased against battered women and favor abusive men.

Holly and Jennifer Collins, her now 23-year-old daughter who was kidnapped from her father's custody while a young child, have presented Holly's side of the story in the national media, including a Fox News TV show and Inside Edition...

A few comments:

1) Holly says that her ex-husband Mark Collins and his allies "had money, power and fancy lawyers. All I had was the truth on my side." In reality, during both the custody trial and the subsequent appeal it was Mark who was litigating pro se, while Holly had an attorney each time...

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Well at least Mr. Sacks has stopped posting the threats of rape and abuse to women!

Mr. Sacks relentlessly defends abusers and is trying to pit men against women in his public forum. The majority of men are great. The majority of fathers are good. That shouldn’t even be the issue here. The issue is about a man beating and battering his wife and children! That in itself is so fundamentally wrong. The injustice is compounded when the courts regularly ignore the violence and turn innocent children over to their abuser.

So many people/reporters have investigated our case and have concluded that it was an injustice. Mr. Sacks just couldn’t accept that another case proved that he was wrong. He personally set out on a crusade to defend another batterer. He has manipulated court records to presented half truths to support his agenda.

As far as his latest comment about my poor father appear pro se. What a crock! My mother’s step-father, Thomas J. Gallagher is a very wealthy, high powered attorney. My mother and her sister came forward that this man sexually abused them when they were little girls. In turn he did everything to try to discredit them and destroy them. Mr. Gallagher provided free legal counsel for my abusive father. He wrote the legal briefs. All my father had to do was hand them into the court. Mr. Gallagher is a brilliant attorney. My 22 year old beaten down mother didn't stand a chance!
Eleanor and Thomas Gallagher,

Southern Pines
North Carolina

Mr. Sacks is trying to cloud the real issues. I have been advised not to enter into a he said/she said debate with this man who knows nothing about what really happened. Mr. Sacks, where is my abusive father and step mother now? Why are they hiding behind you? Why are you protecting them? It appears that Mark and Rena are still substance abusers. Rena has recently been arrested again for drunk driving! (Again!) What about my half sisters and brother who are still forced to live in that house? Why don’t you put your efforts into investigating whether or not these children are safe?

Let's also made it clear that all kidnapping charges against my mother were dropped! My mother did not kidnap us. I was 9 years old and my brother was 11 when we RAN AWAY from my father's abuive house! We ran away! We ran to her! She rescued us! Our mother was never charged with kidnapping!

I wonder why Glenn Sacks has entered into this character assassination of my mother. My mother is not in the media! She is a shy, private person and she just wants to go on with her sweet life of raising 10 children.

I am the one is public. I was abused! I am saying it! I know what happened to me!

My father beat me!

I told my mother! She believed me!

I told the doctors! They believed me!

I told a family court officer! They believed that my father was "Physically harsh."(whatever that means.) I can and have proved the abuse! I am demanding justice!

A bully like Glenn Sacks who is trying to manipulate the evidence and discredit another abused child is not get away with it any longer! No mattered how dishonest he is, he can not change the truth!

I was abused! This is my life! I want justice!

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