Glenn Sacks Trying to Cover Up Child Abuse

Glenn Sacks "Advocacy for the Father Child Bond." at any cost!

Glenn Sacks will do anything to further his cause, including manipulating evidence to try to disprove the abuse to innocent children.

My father beat my brother!

He slammed him into a wall for getting out of bed!

My brother was treated in the emergency room!

The doctors records indicate swelling of the head and a break to the bones. It is black and white, plain and simple!

It is the truth!!!
Now Glenn Sacks is trying to cover up the abuse to this child stating that the medical records are from an accident from a year earlier in a different state. Zachary was in an accident in May 1986 in New Hampshire! The hopsital performed x-rays and CAT scans which document that there were no broken bones!!! Glenn Sacks has posted these medical reports on his site. If someone researches the medical records from 1986 and 1987 they will clearly see that Zachary never had a broken bone until July 1987 when my father slammed him into the wall!

Over a year later, my father, Mark Collins beat my brother Zachary so severely that the child was treated in the emergency room for acute swelling to his head. The bruises were fresh! The swelling was real and documented! The xrays confirmed a broken skull! Here is a copy of the medical report!

Shame on you Glenn Sacks! Shame on you for lying! Shame on you for trying to cover up child abuse! What kind of man are you?

The words of the child:

"My dad came running up the stairs and he punched me in the wall and threw me in my bed.

My head hurt a lot and when my dad fell asleep my mom came in my bed with me. She said she was sorry and she wouldn't let him hurt me anymore...

My mom took me to the hopital and the doctor said that my head was broke." ~Zachary

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  1. Hi.

    I was just wondering: can either you or your brother sue Glenn Sacks or others???? Is there any legal remedy for this kind of thing????