The Childrenunderground Watch Attacks Holly Collins Again.

The children underground watch

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The San Diego IVAT Conference - the deadline to surrender
"Furthermore, why would any parent use their child as a "poster child" for any cause like Holly Ann Collins and the rest of the protective parent cause is doing with Jennifer Collins." (Are you kidding me? I finally have the chance to be heard! And you are behind the times. My mother already turned herself in. All kidnapping charges were dropped. Holly Ann Collins is a free woman!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

<---- Before -------&-----------After----->

"One thing I noticed about underground moms is that the before and after pictures should convince any mother never to go underground. Living underground especially in a foreign country is not easy and mothers living in hiding often go without proper healthcare. See the before and after pictures of Holly Ann Collins." (It was not easy! It was extremely difficult. But go ahead and take a good look at the before and after photos. My poor mother…. Look at how much healthier and happier she is now that she knows her children are safe.)

Holly Ann Collins Pleads Guility - Moms Up Finally
I hope this is the last we've heard of Holly Ann Collins. I hope she goes on to become a productive member of society by taking care of her young children. And finally, I hope she doesn't think she has a book deal here! Book readers are more interested in reading about more credible people such as Alec Baldwin. (You gotta be kidding… the guy who verbally abused his little girl for the world to hear? GO MOM – I think you should write a book and tell the world!)

Holly Ann Collins - Once a Kidnapper Always a Kidnapper
October 22, 2008

It appears that when Holly Ann Collins went underground with her two children and parentally kidnapped them she also kidnapped a third child from another father. That child is now 15 years old and the father Jeff wants custody of the child. (No my mom had full legal and physical custody of my brother!)

It sounds like Holly Ann Collins like most parental kidnappers has done nothing in the past 14 years to foster a relationship with the father. (As soon as we were discovered , my mother called Jeff Imm. It has been 2 years now and Jeff Imm still wont come visit his child one time! He doesn’t appear to be a very concerned father - does he?)

Okay, it’s now time for Judge Porter to “Judge Up”.

As part of the settlement, the District Attorney should have had Holly Ann Collins, her daughter Jennifer Collins and her attorney Alan Rosenfeld agree to a gag order. (Why a Gag order? The truth should be exposed! We have nothing to hide! For months you have been attacking my mother and you were proven wrong. It's time for you to concede.)

I really feel sorry for her son that can’t have a relationship with his father because of Holly Ann Collins. (We feel bad for him too, but it is totally the father’s doing. Here is Jeff Imm’s address. Tell him to get his butt on a plane to Holland and go visit his son!)

Holly Ann Collins Abductor 30-Jun-94, Hennepin
County, MN - Located: The Netherlands - Arrested - Plead Guilty

(My Mom was not arrested. She turned herself in and was processed out immediately! She plead gulity to one count of contempt of court {because she wouldn’t apologize to the narcicistic Judge Porter.} All state and federal kidnapping charges were dropped. She is innocent. Holly Ann Collins is free. She did the right thing! She is a (S)hero!)

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you with all my heart!