October 16 2008 - Judge Porter's Illegal Court Order

(Dec 2008) We are excited to recently find out that this order by judge porter is illegal and unenforceable. Now everyone can see what this crazy judge has been doing to my family.


1. Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 257.70(a), paternity matters such as this one have always been sealed. The Court file and all hearings are closed to the public.

2. For the purpose of this Order, "litigants" are: Holly-Ann Tveter Collins, Jeffrey Allen Imm, Hennepin County, Guardian ad Litem Mary Catherine Lauhead (or any subsequent GAL), and all counsel for Holly Collins, Jeffrey Imm, and Hennepin County having entered an appearance in this case.

3. Effective immediately, all litigants in this case are PROHIBITED from in any way communicating their substantive and procedural knowledge (including scheduling information) of any part of this case, with any non-litigant.

4. No one shall have access to any transcripts from proceedings in this case except: Jeffrey Imm and his attorneys, and Mary Catherine Lauhead (or her successor).

5. Holly Collins shall not have access to any transcripts or other future official court documents in this case. Her right to access will be reconsidered when she defends or otherwise appears in this Court for any future proceedings.

6. Anyone who fails to strictly comply with this Order is subject to contempt of court and may face penalties including fines or arrest.

Charles A. Porter, JR.
Judge of District Court
Dated: 10-15 - 08