October 12 2008 - Caught in Between Being an Advocate and a Big Sister...

Photo ~ Brother's and Sisters Day at my University

I know that some people are concerned that my public comments may cause Judge Poter to futher punish my mother, but I honestly believe that truth is on our side. Judge Porter and the corruption of the Hennepin County Family Court should be exposed. This is the only way we are going to instigate change. To keep both cases seperate, I have transferred the posts pertaining to my brother to his own web site:
http://whoismyrealdad.blogspot.com/" He is almost 16 and he wants to have his own voice.

I hope everyone understands that I am still traumatized from them prying my fingers loose from my mom’s dress and suddenly handing me over to my father. I am terrified that the same thing that happened to me and Zachary will happen to our little brother. I start to cry when I think of how they want to take him away from his Mom, brothers, sisters, friends, school, sports, dog, etc... Just so they can punish my mom. They are not acting in the child’s best interest at all!

I'm trying to be mature and find my way as an advocate for abused children, but I am this kid’s sister! I'm 23 and don't have the training or life experience that so many professionals who do this work have. I believe that if the truth is exposed then justice will prevail.

I know that many think that we should act a certain way and be gracious and respectful of the court. My mother did that all too many times and we were abused as a direct result. My mothers lived as a refugee for 14 years and plead guilty to 'Contempt of Court' for a reason. It's a matter of principle.

We are much too traumatized to put our faith in the Minnesota Family Court system. More specifically we do not trust Judge Porter and Mary Laughead, both who covered up the abuse to me and my brother. We are still living in the shadows of violence and trying to pick up the pieces of our broken lives.

I will not stop my crusade to expose the truth. Hopefully there is enough information available to counteract all the destructive lies the Imms have put forth to the public. All I am asking for is that my (almost) 16 year old brother will be able to remain in the only family that he has ever known.