October 8 2008 ~ The Hennepin County Family Court wants to take our (almost) 16 year old brother away from the only family he has ever known!

My little brother answered the front door a few hours ago to be served with papers from the State of Minnesota coincidentally pertaining to his own custody. According to the documents, my mother is to turn him over to the Hennepin County Family Court on Wednesday morning, October 15th at 9:15 am and be prepared to relinquish custody.

Even though "Chip" is almost 16 years old, he was crying like a little boy. On the phone he said to me "How can Jeff F**ing do this when he won't even come visit me one F**ing time?" I wanted to tell him that everything would be alright, but I knew better.

I asked my mom who the judge was. I couldn't believe it that it was Judge Charles Porter, the same judge who covered up the abuse to me and my older brother 16 years ago. "How can this be happening? " I cried.

"It get's worse" my mom whispered. Judge Porter personally chose the same Guardian Ad Litem, Mary Laughead who also didn't believe our cries for help. Attorney Laughead was ordered to suddenly replace Michael London when my mom pleaded in court before the Judge to review the tape recordings she had made of us children begging Michael London for help. The judge refused to listen to the tapes, but he replaced the GAL immediately. It didn't matter, the new GAL was insistent that she would not review the case and she continued in the cover up.

This is the same Judge who held our pediatrician in contempt of court because he blamed the court for not protecting us. The doctor was forced to apologize to the judge.

My mom's afraid. My little brother is terrified.
I am not afraid of you Judge Porter! I will not let you get away with hurting my family anymore!

The truth is out and the world is watching you!

I beg the public to help my little brother remain in the only family he knows and trusts.

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